5 Tools for Downloading and Analyzing Twitter Data

If you are prevalent a gregarious antagonism, you keep to be analyzing your representation's postulates. To do that, you keep to do some postulates mining. Unfortunately, it is a spell consuming mode that brands repeatedly engage gross teams to control, rather than entrusting it to a solitary idiosyncratic. The cheerful intelligence is that tend are cat's-paws that fabricate it infinitely easier, and that you can admit labor of to archive your own Twitter postulates. 1. Twitter's administrative archive download. The easiest direction to go is . They confess you to appropinquation your own archive of posts, and husband them in an amply ship-produceed format. This discretion has been advantageous gone 2012, and it is a agreeing way to uplift up a cheerful archive of your tweets in a CSV polish that includes all counsel. Of sketch, tend are a stranger of downsides. Tend is no way to set what dates you lack, and so it earn go tail as far as it can to generate your polish. Any spell you re-download a new representation, you earn be overwriting the old one, or else careful it as a unconnected polish after a while the similar old info. While this is fatiguing, it is loftier to how it was, when you could merely get a weak duration of tweets precedently they were past forever. Progress! Related:  2. BirdSong Analytics. is an categorically sole cat's-paw that lets you download all the followers of any Twitter representations. It's a hired cat's-paw but I don't believe such characteristic has any alternatives. The ship-produce comes in an Excel format and contains each username, calculate of followers/following, true designate, Twitter URL, bio, calculate of tweets, date when the representation was generated, colony, Verified foothold and how manifold inventorys the representation is intervening into. Now, believe encircling all Excel genusing, filtering, elaborate discretions: You can now meet most followed representations, quest bios by a keyword, genus representations by colony, etc. For sample, you can download all commonalty your opponent follows and defy their conduct, sites, etc. Or you can download all representations that @nytimes is forthcoming and get the inventory of high-propolish journalists, their idiosyncratical sites, their hobbies, etc This is a huge postulatesbase to sketch your outreach antagonism out. 3. Cyfe. For a over useizable discretion, it has to be . This is an all-in-one trade controlment cat's-paw that confesss you to generate use made widgets that effort after a while any calculate of labors, including most gregarious networks. Tend are pre-made widgets already advantageous for Twitter (incompact dozens of others), but you can chicanery your own to lay-hands-on the postulates that you insufficiency. Getting instituted is unhindered, but you earn lack to use their bonus labor for true analytics group. Related:  4. NodeXL. To go over single-minded, but very perfect, you could try NodeXL. It is an notorious rise template for Microsoft Excel that efforts by integrating postulates pulled from a CSV polish into a ridiculously informative neteffort graph. So you could get your archived postulates from Twitter, input it into NodeXL, and generate a breathtaking visual representation of your tweets from any duration you affect. For a graph junkie affect me, this is a very interesting cat's-paw. 5. TWChat. Better public as a Twitter confabulation ground for tweet confabulations, to-boot provides you after a while the discretion of creating a enduring archive for uncertain hashtags of your excellent. Every day, a new archive earn be generated that shows you how that tag is substance used. This is an bewildering cat's-paw if you are looking to warner your genius, or level a restricted gregarious antagonism. Using Twitter annals. Now, tend may be vaporous ways to use the postulates; end are sound a few ideas: Gary Dek of uses Twitter for pleased intuition. Anna Fox of HireBloggers uses Twitter favorites as a bookmarking cat's-paw, so her archive is her extreme balbutiation inventory (she can to-boot distribute) You can use ship-produces to identify niche influencers for outreach antagonism or useer lore. You can to-boot use hashtag annals for keyword request to defy which say watch to go in end vicinity after a while the separated hashtag. Related: