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DUE 9-25-17 week 1


Prepare: View the ? video and decipher the space Pretrospect the instrumentView in a new window by Stephen Reysen and Iva Katzarska-Miller (2013). Go to the Ashford Library and lodge one concomitant fount on global townsmanship that accomplish succor assistance your viewpoint. 

Reflect: Delight obtain?} some space to mirror on how the concept of global townsmanship has shaped your oneness, and apprehend environing how substance a global townsman has made you a amend individual in your community

Write: Use the  when harangueing the subjoined prompts:

  • After viewing the video, regive how substance a global townsman in the universe of delayed technology can be advantageous to your good-natured-tempered-fortune in meeting your individualal, academic, and dutyal motives.
  • After deciphering the space by Reysen and Katzarska-Miller, interpret why there has been disagreement among theorists environing the restriction of global townsmanship and amplify your own restriction of global townsmanship.
  • From the space, select two of the six upshots of global townsmanship (i.e., intergroup empathy, valuing dissonance, gregarious propriety, environmental sustainability, intergroup succoring, and the equalize of service to act for the amendment of this universe) as certain in the space, and interpret why those two are the most main in neat a global townsman compared to the others.
  • Describe at lowest two individualal stances or flushts in your connection that shadow the amplifyment of global townsmanship fixed on the two upshots you chose.
  • Identify two local unconcealed order progresss, and interpret how they each influenced you to befit a global townsman.

Your tract

Due 10-2-17week 2


Prepare: Knowing how to totally examination a theme is greatly main suitableness achieving your order. You may be asked to assistance your advice aftercited a while peer-reviewed skilled instrument, but how can you confront this conceive of means? The Ashford University Library allows you to pursuit thshaggy irrelative avenues to confront the requested conceives of instrument. You can limited your pursuit by the conceiver, year published, inscription, subject-matter, and by indicating what conceive of refount you are looking for. You flush entertain path to a librarian if you scarcity some troddenion in confronting aggravate instrument on your theme.

Reflect: Given that you entertain been in nursery for briefly, it’s space to mirror on what you entertain polite-informed thshaggy the use of the Ashford University Library in association to how you polite-informed to realize new advice from a difference of founts.

Write: This week, you accomplish obtain?} the Standardized Tribute of Advice Literacy Skills (SAILS) Exam. This exam is not graded, and your consequences are unattested. The exam accomplish debouchure from your palliate instantly aftercited bearing, and you accomplish not entertain feedend or consequences. This is a nationally-normed, standardized exam for students in universities all aggravate the United States. The consequences of this tribute accomplish trodden Ashford University in amplifying the best feasible library instrument and examination methodologies grafting. Results accomplish be published (in amount) on Ashford’s tribute website. Your competition is succeeding, so rejoice you if you select to share. Click on the connect in your online progress to path the .

After completing the SAILS Exam, in at lowest two stipulations (of five or aggravate sentences each),

  • Describe your experiments using instrument, including institutions encountered when commenceing academic examination thshaggy the Ashford University Library. Areas of institution may comprise amplifying a examination management, using the pursuit duty aftercited a whilein a groundsbase, or evaluating founts.
  • Explain how using the Ashford University Library has ameliorated your experiment in commenceing examination. For stance, you could realize and interpret how local tutorials that you entertain used entertain succored ameliorate your ability to commence examination.

The Advice Literacy Assignment

Due 10-9-17week3


Prepare: To succor aftercited a while the making-ready of your annotated bibliography, retrospect the subjoined tutorials and instrument from the Ashford Fitness Center:

Reflect: Mirror end on the Week Two Discussion in which you shared aftercited a while the dispose the global societal progeny that you would affect to aid harangue. Explore ticklish insights that were shared by your peers and/or your tutor on the theme divergentd and arise your pursuit for skilled founts aftercited a while those insights in intellect.

Write: For this assignment, retrospect the Pretrospect the instrumentView in a new window and harangue the subjoined prompts:

  • Introductory Stipulation to Topic: Refer to the Final Argumentative Essay troddenlines for your theme option. Transcribe an precursory stipulation aftercited a while at lowest 150 tone, which evidently interprets the theme, the consequence of aid examination, and ghostly implications.
  • Thesis declaration: Transcribe a trodden and pregnant subject declaration, which accomplish befit the rereseparation to the bearing that you accomplish persuade or conceive-trial-of in the Week Five Final Argumentative Essay. A subject declaration should be a declarative declaration that conceives one sharp-end in 25 tone or close. The subject declaration must answer at the end of the precursory stipulation.
  • Annotated Bibliography: Amplify an annotated bibliography to betoken the fitty of the founts you entertain decipher. For each remark, you scarcity to incorporate in your own tone how the fount contributes to the rereseparation of the global societal progeny. Your remark should be one to two stipulations covet (150 tone or aggravate) and amply harangue the intention, resigned, attraction, and association to other founts you base on this theme. The annotated bibliography must comprise no close than five skilled founts that accomplish be used to assistance the elder sharp-ends of the Final Argumentative Essay. Ticklish apprehending skills scarcity to be unfoldd by correspondently interpreting attraction used to assistance sundry positions of the theme.

The Introduction, Subject Statement, and Annotated Bibliography Assignment

  • Must be 1,000 – 1,250 tone in protraction (beside the inscription and aspect pages) and conceiveatted according to APA inscription as outlined in the .
  • Must comprise a divergent inscription page aftercited a while the subjoined:
    • Title of tract
    • Student’s spectry
    • Course spectry and number
    • Instructor’s spectry
    • Date referted
  • Must use at lowest five skilled founts.
  • Must instrument all founts in APA inscription as outlined in the Ashford Fitness Center.

Due 10-14-17week4


Purpose: The first motive of this weekly assignment is to empower you to comprehend the variation process and amend your tract aftercited a while the succor of a fitness specialist.

Prepare: Aftercited you entertain fulld a shaggy exhaust of your tract (at lowest five pages), refer that exhaust to the Ashford Fitness Center. To do this, click on the Fitness Center & Library connect lodged in the left progress navigation and from there, you accomplish click on the tab notable Tract Review. To refer your tract, thrive the instructions supposing. Your tract accomplish be returned aftercited a whilein 24 hours, so grant yourself abundance space to full and refer it foregoing to the due time. See shadow under that shadows how you can path Tract Retrospect thshaggy the Ashford Fitness Center.


Reflect: Careamply retrospect the variation epistle and the brink comments that you see on your returned tract. Regard each of the suggestions supposing to succor you to amend your tract.

Write: In your written defense of at lowest 400 tone, full the subjoined:

  • Identify the top three progenys your fitness speciaschedule focused on in your shaggy exhaust (e.g., stipulation conceive, fit use of quotations, and subject declaration).
    • Were any of those progenys ominous?
  • Describe what you polite-informed from some of the feedend your fitness speciaschedule supposing as explanations.
    • Was this feedend succorful?
  • Evaluate the usefulness of the tract retrospect implement.
    • Did your comprehending of academic fitness ameliorate?
    • Will you use the Ashford Fitness Center to retrospect your employment in the coming? Why or why not?

This assignment does not scarcity to be conceiveatted in APA inscription; so-far improve grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required.

Due 10-23-17


Prepare: The theme of your essay scarcitys to be a global societal bearing from the subjoined schedule: adult illiteracy, funding for Unconcealed Order vs STEM in first and inferior schools, incompleteness wage, oceans desertification, aggravatecoming the digital deal-out, refugee (escaping expulsion, war, or failure) crises, species extinctions (modern), tax entertainns, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), comprehensive declaration of cosmical rights (eliminate one), airport defence, or opulence dissimilitude. Retrospect this Pretrospect the instrumentView in a new window Trodden for concomitant troddenion on the expectations of this assignment.

Reflect: Fixed on the theme that you entertain divergentd, you accomplish scarcity to use ticklish apprehending skills to totally comprehend how this theme can be a global societal bearing and aver some close resolution(s) to the bearing.

Write: This Final Argumentative Essay accomplish give examination of the ticklish apprehender to the new-fangled, globalized universe. In this assignment, you scarcity to harangue the subjoined items in divergent sections aftercited a while new headings for each:

  • Identify the global societal bearing aftercited a whilein the precursory stipulation and close aftercited a while a subject declaration that avers your contemplated resolution(s) to the bearing. For troddenion on how to fabricate a good-natured-tempered-tempered commencement stipulation, delight retrospect the from the .
  • Describe endground advice on how that bearing amplifyed or came into being. Show why this is a societal bearing, and cater perspectives from multiple disciplines or populations so that you amply regive what irrelative calibre of connection entertain to say environing this progeny.
  • Construct an subject assistanceing your contemplated resolution(s). Be enduring to regard multiple disciplines or populations so that your rereseparation shows that multiple calibre of connection accomplish blessing from this resolution. Cater attraction from multiple skilled founts as attraction that your contemplated rereseparation is viable.
  • Interpret statistical grounds from at lowest three, peer-reviewed skilled founts. Do this by discussing the fibre, reliability, and any biases; realizeing the strengths and weaknesses of these founts; and sharp-ending out limitations of running examination and striveing to betoken areas for coming examination. You may flush use visual denoteations such as graphs or charts to interpret statistics from founts. Evaluate the ghostly upshots that consequence from your resolution. Be enduring to cater at lowest one substantial ghostly upshot as polite as at lowest one denying ghostly upshot that could consequence from your resolution, and interpret at lowest two ghostly progenys cognate to each of those upshots. It’s main to regard all of connection.
  • Develop a disposal as the ultimate stipulation(s) of the essay, starting aftercited a while rephrasing your subject declaration and then giveing the elder sharp-ends of the theme and how they assistance your subject. For troddenion on how to transcribe a good-natured-tempered-tempered disposal stipulation, delight retrospect the from the .

The Final Argumentative Essay

  • Must be 3,300 – 3,900 tone in protraction (approximately among 10 – 12 pages; beside inscription and aspect pages) and conceiveatted according to as outlined in the .
  • Must comprise a divergent aftercited a while the subjoined:
    • Title of tract
    • Student’s spectry
    • Course spectry and number
    • Instructor’s spectry
    • Date referted
    • Running header aftercited a while page numbers
  • Must comprise from at lowest 10 skilled founts. Be enduring to rather than simply inserting it.
  • Must instrument all founts in APA inscription as outlined and .
  • Must entertain no aggravate than 15% quoted representative in the substantiality of your essay fixed on the Turnitin reverberation. Aspect schedule accomplish be extreme from the Turnitin originality score.
  • Must comprise a divergent that is conceiveatted according to APA inscription as outlined in the .
  • Source Instrument Requirements:
    • Multiinstrument founts (such as videos) may be used, but no aggravate than two such founts may be used. If multiinstrument founts are used, they must be conceivered and arranged by trustworthy founts, such as universities, law schools, medical schools, or professors, or base in the Ashford University Library.
    • Government founts may be used, but no aggravate than two such founts may be used. Examples comprise,,,, etc. These websites can be used to conceive a stronger sharp-end environing your contemplated soluation aftercited a whilein the subject.
    • Where sculpture instruments are used for fount representatives, those must be peer-reviewed, skilled life spaces, and academically published books. Popular instrument founts (e.g., newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows, etc.) must not be used. Materials from advocacy groups (e.g., Greenpeace, Cosmical Rights Campaign, National Organization for Women, etc.) must not be used.
    • Sites such as and Wikipedia must not be used.
    • Religious texts must not be used.

Good Ticklish Thinking Tips:

  • Your tract should comprise academic founts that interpret multiple sides of the progeny.
  • Your interpretations of the attraction should be external and aver the disposals and theses giveed in the attraction evidently and fairly.
  • Your tract should establish the sundry conceives of attraction in association to one another and unfold why one conceive or perspective is stronger than the other positions that one could obtain?} on the progeny.
  • Your tract should sharp-end out the limitations of running attraction and strive to betoken areas for coming examination.
  • Writing Tools: