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 The Exploration Essay (40%) Due Week Seven via TurnItIn portal: Wednesday, February 20 by 11:00pm Essays are to be 5 pages in protraction, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font. You must too fasten a exertions cited page to your essay (I cannot confirm or assess a exploration-based essay externally a exertions cited page). **Remember: you succeed scarcity to yield your developed exhaust electronically via TurnItIn. I cannot assess your exertion until you do so. I regularly help creativity and originality of intention, but I succeed too rely-on your essay to prosper these rely-onations:  The essay constitutes an examineion environing a passage(s) on our syllabus.  The essay should be driven by a centre topic proposition, which captures your deep examineion or right.  The passage is your motive of con-over. You use it to way and examine pertinent subjective conversations, conversations that select establish at the intersection of erudition and cultural phenomena.  When inevitable, digest moments from the passage, but go past those abridgment points. Do not singly define what happens. Instead, rendezvous on specific stylistic and/or thematic points to rendezvous your examineion. You must too plead undeviatingly from the passage to evince and clear your rights environing it.  Your essay should enjoy an embezzle and fictitious epithet that engages the key ideas in your topic. Other requirements: A incompleteness of 3 sources rescued via Brescia’s library schedule and/or databases. While it energy be wholesome to imbibe a bit from open web sources in the present stages of developing ideas, those venues succeed not be powerful to procure you delay the corresponding condition of advice that you succeed be powerful to rescue through the library. - Note that your minor sources energy be environing the passage in scrutiny, or they energy be environing the historical/cultural conpassage embracing that passage or composer. - You must cement in-passage citations whenever you plead from or digest from a passage (this applies to the passages on our syllabus as polite as your exploration). - Use MLA diction guidelines for your in-passage citations, as polite as when tranquillizing your exertions cited.