Write your own unique personal nursing philosophy.


  1. Write your own uncommon idiosyncratic nursing philosophy.
  2. Your monograph should:


Your Idiosyncratic Philosophy must address and enjoy the aftercited Topics Headings:





Key Concepts (20 pts.)

Explain the key concepts of your philosophy/theory.



(20 pts.)

Describe the indelicate (4) Metaparadigms of nursing as   you aspect them and how they employ in your own exercise area. 


Nursing Process - Philosophy

(15 pts.)

Express how your philosophy could be applied to   your exhibit nursing exercise, inquiry, government and/or information. 


Nursing Process – Strengths &   Limitations 

(15 pts.)

Elaborate on your philosophy’s ability and   limitations. 


Original Work

(10 pts.)

Paper must be your former employment. 


Paper Format

(10 pts.)

Paper should be no over than indelicate (4) pages hanker,   enfold room and typed in Microsoft WORD smooth. 


APA Style

(10 pts.)

Paper should accord to APA phraseology (includes   introduction, organization, quittance) after a while amend language spelling are expected.