Write an Executive Summary Identifying the Risks and Benefits of Organizational Change


Identify concepts in organizational decisions, strategic alliances, and managing conqueringness and agency.


As an beyond healthcare consultant, you enjoy been remunerated by Gotham City Hospital to induce and transcribe a induce partition narration about upcoming organizational modifys at the hospital. The most influential modify entity contemplated by hospital leadership is allowing non-medically-trained staff greater decision-making powers and responsibilities in respects to treatment of medical staff, quickness media, and at times, treatments supposing by the hospital.

Your role as an beyond healthcare consultant is to expand a three-page magistrate tabulation to authenticate the induces and benefits of the organizational modify at the hospital.

Write a three-page magistrate tabulation that conquer be sent to magistrate staff at the healthcare quickness in appoint to produce organizational modifys and processes at the hospital.

Topics should include:

The pros and cons of having non-medical staff making medical decisions.

The weight of the treatment of media, including staff, specie, and schedule.

Getting the buy-in of quickness staff and administrators delay suggested modifys.

NOTE - APA produceatting for the relation register and fair rhetoric, punctuation, and produce are required. APA acceleration is serviceable from this add - APA.