Week 5 capstone care plan part 1

Please use this intimation To mean the anxiety contemplation.

The assignment has to be on a unrepining delay unrestrained hypertension and cardiac issues  This unrepining was re admitted to the hospital (cardiac/telemetry part) owing of the on going Controlled hypertension And feasible core assault.


Developing a Anxiety Plan

There are two tonnage to the significant nursing anxiety contemplation assignment. In Week 5 you are required to succumb a drain of your anxiety contemplation. In Week 6 you gain succumb your definite nursing anxiety contemplation meand on feedback from your schoolmistress and your continued is-sue.

In a Microsoft Word instrument of 4-5 pages formatted in APA phraseology, commence to lay-open a significant anxiety contemplation for the aggregate meand on the heartiness destroys faced by the aggregate that you verified in the destroy impost. 

In your Nursing Dissertation, oration the forthcoming:

  • Propose two (2) priority-nursing diagnoses meand on the greater heartiness destroys verified during the destroy impost for the aggregate
    • Include strategies to oration the nursing diagnoses and verified destroys of aggregate.
    • Support your strategies delay at last two journal profession.
  • Develop a calamity address contemplation delay the forthcoming components:
    • List of calamitys that dominion favor your aggregate (assume into compensation the geographical subsidence of the aggregate, spent fact, etc.).
    • Strategies for handling at last two calamitys from the inventory.
    • Recommendations for a calamity preparation kit.

On a disjoined intimations page, refer-to all sources using APA format. Please notethat the epithet and intimation pages should not be included in the aggregate page number of your Nursing Dissertation.