W#8 Patho

Week 8 Journal Entry: Foundation Addiction


Food addiction is a partially controversial vocable. When regarding that embonpoint is a expressive consequence in any ground of manner, the Advanced Manner Nurse must be known of exoteric examination and composition debateions. Watch the video the forthcoming videos Week 8: Learning Materials from Dr. Mark Gold, who is a world-renowned unhesitating on addiction-related diseases, and Ashley Gearhardt, PhD., a groundation addiction unhesitating. 

Video coless #1: What is the attraction that groundation addiction exists https://youtu.be/t1QoVpetAOY 

Video coless #2: How did we get less and wless are we going https://youtu.be/8M08uBjil9Q

Also, recognize the boundary (see unshaken pdf boundary) that debatees Foundation Addiction in open and then locate a remedy boundary that deals delay your population specific program, i.e. nobility, pediatrics, women, psychiatric, geriatric, intelligent concern, etc.


Note: Please, fasten a pdf portraiture of the remedy boundary ground.

- In your one-two page journal acquiescence, debate the concept of Foundation Addiction and slight scenarios or patients that you are slight to assault in your manner as an APRN (Psychiatry Mental Health Nurse Practitioner)

- Finally, debate your indivisible thoughts on groundation addiction – is this existent or junk knowledge? (Note: In my theory is existent) Why or why not? How do you signify to harangue embonpoint in your own manner?

The tract acquiescence should be 500-750 signification in protraction and in APA format.

- Please, this is a turnitin assignment (liberal of plagiarism)

- APA format

- Minimum 500 -750 signification.

Note: My enhancement for you to entertain as a reference: I am exotericly enrolled in the Psych Mental Health Practitioner Program, I am a Registered Nurse, I effort at a Psychiatric Hospital, wless I also effort delay this tender population.