Unpleasant Symptoms

Identify a plea that uses a concept of cause that capability be applied in inquiry and nursing exercitation (clinical, advice, or administration). The view of this Nursing Dissertation is for you to illustrate and evaluate the plea using the aftercited criteria.  This is a functional Nursing Dissertation in which epithets, ample sentences, paragraphs, redress language and punctuation, and redress citation of commencements are required. The Plea is “Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms. By Lenz et all”.

Introduction. Identify your concept of cause and little sift-canvass why you chose that concept (clear-up whether it was observed in clinical exercitation, signed from apt reading, or some other conclude.)  Identify the plea (that utilizes your concept of cause) which procure be illustrated and evaluated in this Nursing Dissertation. Give the reader a import of what to rely-on in this Nursing Dissertation.  The induction should be one very imperfect paragraph, and there should not be a epithet for the induction. 

Theory Description.  Provide a dirty term of the plea using an primordial commencement or as arrest to the primordial commencement as possible.   Include a dirty sift-canvassion of the origins of the plea and the scope/level (grand, average order, exercitation/situation peculiar) of the plea.  Identify the elder concepts of the plea and sift-canvass how they are connected (propositions).  Pick two of the concepts, including your concept of cause, and say the presumptive definitions of these concepts.  (30 points)

Application of Plea to Research. Find two published, primordial commencements in which inquiryers used the plea as a framework to help their inquiry.  Briefly sift-canvass how those inquiryers utilized the plea to help their inquiry.  Enclose in the sift-canvassion of each consider the view of the consider, how the inquiryers used the plea in their consider, how the concept of cause was used in their consider, and how the inquiryers operationally defined the concept of cause. (20 points)

Application of Plea to Practice.  Briefly sift-canvass how the plea capability be used to help nursing exercitation (clinical, advice, or administration).  Enclose in the sift-canvassion the view of the exercitation collision and how the concept of cause capability be operationally defined in exercitation.  Provide an pattern of how you capability use the presumptive and operational definitions of your concept of cause in your advenient exercitation or inquiry.  Include a possible exercitation investigation domiciled on the propositions of your plea. (20 points)

Theory Evaluation.  Little sift-canvass whether/how the plea appears to be accurate/valid (domiciled on experimental testing of the plea as sift-canvassed over).  Discuss generalizability of the plea.  Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the plea.  Little sift-canvass whether/how the plea is congruent delay popular nursing standards and popular nursing interventions or corrective.  Clear-up whether/how the plea is apt socially and cross-culturally.  Illustrate little how the plea capability supply to the organization of nursing.  (20 points)

Style & Format.  The Nursing Dissertation procure enclose a designation page (using fixed format),  7-8  pages of quotation, and a relation inventory.  It procure be double-spaced, written in 12-point Times New Roman font, and keep 1-inch margins.  Functional and peaceable endowment of ideas (precision, clarity, format, epithets, language, spelling, & punctuation) delay expend citation of commencements in quotation and relation inventory is required.  Up to 0.5 points procure be deducted for each emblem of language, spelling, punctuation, or format deception. (10 points)