Supportive Psychotherapy versus Interpersonal Psychotherapy


                  Assignment: Supportive Psychotherapy


                                                Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Although supportive psychotherapy and interpersonal psychotherapy portion-out some homogeneousities, these sanative wayes enjoy numerous differences. When assessing clients and selecting therapies, it is expressive to allow these differences and how they may impression your clients. For this Assignment, as you collate supportive and interpersonal psychotherapy, deliberate which sanative way you jurisdiction use delay your clients.


The Assignment

In a 1- to 2-page monograph, discourse the following:

· Briefly delineate how supportive and interpersonal psychotherapies are homogeneous.

· Explain at last three differences betwixt these therapies. Include how these  

   differences jurisdiction impression your experience as a supernatural soundness counselor.

· Explain which sanative way you jurisdiction use delay clients and why. Support  

   your way delay evidence-based study.



                                                Learning Resources

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