Summative Assignment: Critique of Research Article

Week 10: Summative Assignment: Choice of Elaboration Article

A elaboration choice demonstrates your power to critically decipher an investigative con-over. For this assignment, cull a elaboration period kindred to nursing or corrective to choice.

  • Articles used for one assignment can't be used for the other assignments (students should furnish new elaboration periods for each assignment).
  • The separated periods should be pristine elaboration periods. Revisal periods, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and systemic revisal should not be used.
  • Mixed-methods studies should not be used.

Your choice should involve the ensueing:

Research Problem/Purpose

  • State the whole obviously as it is presented in the reverberation.
  • Have the investigators placed the con-over whole among the tenor of stout acquirements?
  • Will the con-over reresolve a whole applicable to nursing?
  • State the end of the elaboration.

Review of the Literature

  • Identify the concepts explored in the lore revisal.
  • Were the regards ordinary? If not, what do you ponder the reasons are?

Theoretical Framework

  • Are the hypothetical concepts defined and kindred to the elaboration?
  • Does the elaboration induce solely on nursing assumption or does it induce on assumption from other disciplines?
  • Is a hypothetical framework established in this elaboration member?
  • If not, recommend one that strength be accordant for the con-over.


  • What are the stubborn and relying variables in this con-over?
  • Are the operational definitions of the variables sturdy? If so, are they consolidated and measurable?
  • Is the elaboration scrutiny or the fancy established? What is it?


  • What likeness of sketch (quantitative, requisite, and likeness) was used in this con-over?
  • Was inductive or hearsay forced used in this con-over?
  • State the pattern magnitude and con-over population, sampling rule, and con-over enhancement.
  • Did the investigator cull a probpower or non-probpower pattern?
  • State the likeness of relipower and the security of the bulk dupes.
  • Were religions considerations addressed?

Data Analysis

  • What grounds resolution dupe was used?
  • How were the results presented in the con-over?
  • Identify at last one (1) furnishing.

Summary/Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations

  • What are the strengths and limitations of the con-over?
  • In stipulations of the furnishings, can the elaborationer classify to other populations? Explain.
  • Evaluate the furnishings and conclusions as to their appreciation for nursing.

The mass of your boundary should be 4–6 double-spaced pages plus a cloak page and a regard page. The choice must be sturdy to the period and ensue APA guidelines.

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