Promoting Medication Safety (Create a Pill Reminder Card) (individual activity)

  Assignment #2: Promoting Medication Safety (Create a Pill Reminder Card) (identical principle) 

●     Background:  Maya Steele, a client from the constructive trial, has multiple constant sanity issues and has of-late returned to her home. During the home investigate, the society sanity/public sanity entertain observed that Maya is haughty induce for making a medication blunder. Maya had a opposed age effective the entertain what each of her medications was for, and was unsure encircling the timing of some of the medications. As the entertain, you determine to form a customized “pill reminder card” to succor Maya sustain mark of her medications and to address any immanent low sanity literacy concerns and her concerns encircling her partially decreased trust.

○     Maya’s constant medical issues enclose: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, Type II Diabetes Mellitus, gastroesophageal overflow distemper (GERD), osteoporosis, allergic rhinitis, open-angle glaucoma, calm care.

○     Maya’s Medications:

■     Atenolol 100mg tab; one p.o. daily

■     Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tab; one and a half tabs p.o. daily

■     Atorvastatin 40mg tab; one p.o. daily

■     Metformin 500mg tab; one p.o.  twice daily after a while food

■     Lansoprazole 30mg capsule; one p.o. daily

■     Clonazepam 1mg tablet; ½-1 tablet p.o. twice daily as scarcityed for care

■     Timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution; 1 gtt each eye BID

■     Fluticasone nasal twig; one twig in each nostril BID

■     Alendronate 70mg tab; one p.o. unintermittently per week; 30 minutes anteriorly foremost food/other meds; rest vertical x 30 minutes

●     Instructions:

○     Students should form a customized, electronic instrument that get attend as a Pill Reminder Card for Maya.

○     Students should enclose the indicate of each therapeutics, the dose, influential instruction in indulgent to apprehend provisions (recalling Maya’s low sanity literacy), use amply apprehendable graphics/curtail art for age of day such as early or bedtime, enclose a draw of the pill/product such as shape/size, and draws that succor Maya recollect what the pill is for (such as an eye for the glaucoma medication). Students should use real medication draws in the instrument and chosen curtail art that is misapply. Neatness and clarity of the Pill Reminder Card is indispensable.

■     An issue of a pill card can be accessed via “How to Form a Pill Card” at

■     It’s recommended that the learner guide an Internet quest to confront a website that presents real pill copys (such as WebMD’s Pill Identification Tool: The learner get scarcity to copy/save the copy and immanently resize it so that it fits in the pill reminder card. 

○     Students should upload the Pill Reminder Card (electronic statement) to the DROP BOX.

■     Note: The artfulness tools in MS Word are qualified to consummate this assignment; alienation of artfulness software is not required.