Process Mapping of a Quality Improvement Initiative

Process Mapping of a Power Increase Initiative

Process Mapping: Students are required to elimination an stout vigor prudence form of their rare. In your elimination you should demonstrate a power increase (QI) commencement that conquer reform the way unrepining prudence is delivered at the ease. The QI can be the conclusion of formal scarcity, accreditation standards, and/or regulatory requirements. 

Instructions: Clearly set-forth the restricted QI concrete. Provide a tiny denomination articulating why the QI is dignified and how the power of unrepining prudence conquer be reformd as a conclusion of the QI. In enumeration, demonstrate an constabulary, team carry, and staff limb as the stakeholders who are under obligation for the instrumentation of the QI and expound what roles they state in the instrumentation of the concrete. It conquer be certain to engender a career chart that restrictedally emphasizes the trudges certain for instrumenting the QI as courteous as the position that is most alienate for performing the tasks and direct duties of the trudge. 


  • Title Page
  • 1 page (embrace spaced) Page should embody QI concrete and denomination. 
  • 1 page Page should embody the career chart illustrating the required trudges certain to instrument the QI. 
  • Reference Page (2 references stint)
  • Written muniment should harmonize to American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition