practicum powerpoint


Your Assignment is a PowerPoint delivery (USE ATTACHED POWERPOINT TEMPLATE)that summarizes your Population-Based Nursing Thrift Plan Project. Include a incompleteness of 7 slides (15 culmination) and the advice as presented in the weekly Practicum Discussions.

Attached are arguments delay the advice which needs to be interposed. This is the accumulated advice from definite 4 weeks. May need to add advice as needed

Remember target population in geriatric and the primitive unimpaired is elevated class influence.

I so determined rubric


Overall Purpose for Practicum: Develop a immanent contrivance to emend the soundness of a peculiar population of curiosity-behalf or a population at surrender.

This practicum is intended to aid you enunciate as a pupil practitioner and soundness head to advance substantial political diversify in your own commonwealth. In this practicum habit you conquer convergence on primitive nullifyion of a soundness unimpaired in your commonwealth (see extract for peculiaration.)  You already entertain the attainments and skills to aid those who are acutely ill. This habit conquer aid gather how to nullify a soundness unimpaired in a peculiar population at surrender at the commonwealth and arrange smooth of thrift (see extract for peculiaration). Consequently, consequently you are courteous understandn of how to thrift for men-folks you conquer now enunciate headship and encomium skills to emend the soundness of the commonwealth.  Collaborating delay other professionals and commonwealth members in your commonwealth conquer be the key to a happy practicum and contrivance. Collaborate delay each other in the arguments, delay your pedagogue, delay soundness thrift professionals (nurses and other disciplines), delay general and avow departments of soundness, and most importantly delay the population you longing to aid. As an propagator, you conquer advance substantial political diversify through collaboration delay families, communities, and professionals in the soundness thrift arrange. You conquer enunciate a culturally expend tender that could emend soundness outcomes for a peculiar population at surrender in your commonwealth. 

Answer the aftercited questions as you enunciate your appearance-based, culturally expend interference for your commonwealth:

What soundness offspring, unimpaired, or original in soundness outcomes is of sympathy to you as a pupil practitioner in your commonwealth? What gaps in attainments and thrift do you see as feasible causes for the soundness offspring? What does the soundness basis communicate you environing the soundness offspring? What does the study communicate you environing the soundness offspring? How can you gather environing the soundness offspring and environing feasible solutions from the viewpoint of families, commonwealth as a unimpaired, and soundness professionals in your commonwealth? What appearance is there to living your tender? What is one access you could propagator for emendd soundness outcomes and understand when a diversify has charmed assign?

Suggestions for the Project

Each week’s activities are geared to aid you provoke parallel delay your tender. Use this opportunity courteous and persomalize some countenance of argument and assignments in this manner (e.g. windshield scan) to living your tender as courteous.

Following is things to practise in choice for each wk/make unfailing to fuse into powerpont

Week 1: Identification of a Population in Your Community

As a commonwealth of manner your toil for this week is to collaborate delay professionals athwart the soundness thrift arrange and delay your commonwealth of manner in the argument in arrange to confront a gap in thrift or political determinant that repeatedly results in deficient soundness thrift outcomes. You conquer initiate to receive the bring in advocating for and collaborating delay others to emend the soundness thrift outcomes for populations at surrender.

Week 2: Practicum: Epidemiology: Define Your Population and Selected Problem

This week, you conquer raise levigate your population and unimpaired and assimilate your suspicions environing this unimpaired to general, avow, and general basis on the question. Your practicum contrivance should succeed into evident convergence as you remain to awaken kindred soundness basis, and you should investigate how you, as the protect, jurisdiction aid them forsake enunciatement of the unimpaired in the primitive assign (primitive nullifyion measures).

Week 3: Practicum: Population Cultural Considerations and Genetic Predispositions

This week, you conquer identify any genetic damage your chosen population has to a feature indisposition and enunciate primitive manner interferences that mirror the cultural investigateations of the population. Then, you conquer enunciate culturally expend, measureable interferences to aid your population members celebrate an optimal avow of soundness, forsakeing the unimpaired that you verified them being at surrender for enunciateing.

Week 4: Evidence-Based Manner and Evaluation of the Contrivance Through Measureable Goals

Dr. Marcia Stanlonging (2016) explained that appearance-based notorious soundness manner refers to those decisions made by using the best beneficial appearance, basis and advice arranges and program frameworks; winning commonwealth stakeholders in the decision-making process; evaluating the results; and then disseminating that advice to those who can use the informatio