Nursing Theory Application Brochure




Please use nursing plea from Madeleine M. Leininger: Care Plea of Diversity and Universality 

(I own fixed my textbook, stipulation 22) to fashion a article. APA format. 

Nursing Plea Application Brochure 

Please   select a nursing plea that has resonated delay you. Design a article that nursing   administration could use to bring-in this plea to their nursing staff,   faculty or patients delayin their nursing clinical ace, advice or inquiry   environment.

In a lowly   and succinct kind, narrate the selected plea and how it could be suited   and pertinent to your separated nursing environment. Please pay seal observation to determine that   you consort to the subjoined criteria:

1. Briefly describe the nursing environment that   you wish to influence (1 pt)

2. Describe the nursing plea/model that you   plan to bring-in (2 pts)

3. What are the strengths of that nursing   theory? Why is it useful and relevant to that particular nursing ace, adviceal or inquiry   environment

4. Use the six QSEN Competencies to interpret how your   chosen plea can be applied 

a. Patient-centered care

b. Teamwork and collaboration

c. Evidenced-based experience (EBP)

d. Virtue Improvements (QI)

e. Safety

f. Informatics

5. Select any two concerns below 

Design a administrative article that expresses   clearly how your separated plea could be applied to better virtue of any two   of the subjoined areas:

a. Patient care 

b. Nursing advice

c. Nursing inquiry 

d. Health disparities 

6. Creativity: clarity and conciseness of the   brochure 

Please prepare a entire and succinct   description of each of the areas entity asked for. Vague write ups   will not be assigned points.