Nursing Pharmacology


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Case Study, Chapter 8, Anti-infective Agents

A ward nourish has to carry a broad-spectrum anti-infective medication to a resigned. The resigned expands sea-sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea period prelude the medication. The ward nourish has to impart the resigned encircling the anti-infective medication. 

a. The donation limb asks the ward nourish to substantiate the dissimilitude betwixt a broad-spectrum and narrow-spectrum anti-infective medication.

b. The resigned asks the ward nourish what it media to expand opposition to anti-infectives. When the ward nourish is imparting the resigned encircling the anti-infective sovereign, it is great to understand what open points to minimize bacterial opposition?

c. The donation limb asks the ward nourish to substantiate the three vulgar inoperative reactions associated after a while the use of anti-infectives. This resigned is dissatisfied of what vulgar inoperative reaction?

Case Study, Chapter 10, Antiviral Agents

A resigned is life treated after a while cabal antiviral drugs for HIV and discreetly locomotive antiviral drugs that understand zidovudine and acyclovir. The ward is preparing a 5-minute bestowal on antiviral sovereigns for clinical preconference. The ward has to adapt medication advice encircling the antiviral medications that are life carryed to the client. 

a. What are the key characteristics of vulgar viral transferred?

b. What are the vulgar inoperative property of zidovudine?

c. What key nursing considerations should the nourish convergence on for the resigned receiving a discreetly locomotive antiviral sovereign?