NURS 6221: MANAGING HUMAN RESOURCES – Discussion 11 -2 (Grading Rubic and Media Attached)

Discussion 2: Managing Battle in the Workplace


High-pressure environments, vitality-or-death implications, trustworthy shift, and desire days of exhausting labor … It is not ominous that battles originate in bloom heed enhancements. In the fast-paced environment in which nurtures labor, diminutive separations in determination making, processes, labor ethic, and personal characteristics can at-once escalate

As a nurture supervisor, you deficiency to enucleate and standard skills that effectively harangue battle standings. Stephen Covey, originator of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, offers probe teaching that can be applied to battle administration and disintegration. In Habit 4, Ponder Win-Win, Covey (2004) clear-ups, “[m]any community ponder in conditions of either/or: either you’re scrupulous or you’re tenacious. Win-win requires that you be twain. It is a balancing act among boldness and importance.” Ultimately, how you mould battle in your enhancement procure designate whether you irritate an environment that breeds callousness or one that irritates enlargement.


Conflict abounds in any laborplace; it is a ordinary disunite of structureal vitality. Instead of avoiding or by battle, the role of the nurture supervisor is to coach inureees through battle standings and to use award on how and when to intervene. When mouldd effectively and focused on substantive offsprings, battle can actually guide to amend outcomes. However, when interpersonal battles go unaddressed, inureee morale and engagement–two factors that can seriously collision kind of enduring heed—procure decrease.


When nurture supervisors mark inureees winning in toxic or irrelevant laborestablish comportments, they must proportioned to grant hard feedback. Delivering hard feedback can be challenging for nurture supervisors, as they must harangue inureees in a way that is originatoritative, supportive, and energetic. One diplomacy nurture supervisors can use to set free hard feedback is to inure the scripting framework. In this week’s Discussion, you fabricate proof after a while using the scripting framelabor to dictate a battle standing that you bear markd in your departed or exhibit laborplace.


To proportioned


Review this week’s Learning Resources, focusing on the diversified creates of battle that can occur in the laborplace.

Consider the likenesss of battle, including brusque, lifeless injustice, toxic and disruptive inureees, perversion of political instrument, unbalanced susceptibility, harassment, and sunderiality, that rest in your general structure or departed establish of inurement.


Select one likeness of battle you bear markd. How has battle collisioned your labor environment? How bear nurture mangers attempted to harangue battle standings?

Examine the six-step scripting framelabor for set freeing hard feedback in Paragraph 7 of the method citation, From Administration to Leadership: Strategies for Transforming Bloom Care. Then, use this framelabor to script a chat among you and the inureee(s) concerned in the battle standing you clarified.

When drafting your script, mirror on how HR force be operative to aid you in harangueing this offspring, twain antecedently you talk to this inureee and if the amount continues to rest.



Post a illiberal overview of the battle you clarified and how this local likeness of battle has collisioned the labor environment. Share the script you drafted and clear-up at last one way you would enroll HR’s aid in managing this standing. Support your response by referencing received examples from the laborestablish and the Learning Resources as ry.


Read a election of your colleagues’ responses.


Managing battle effectively includes receiving feedback on your own execution. As such, answer on or antecedently Day 6 to at last two of your colleagues on two unanalogous days using the subjoined approach:

Critically price the capability of your colleague’s script by placing yourself in the standing of the inureee receiving this hard feedback. How would you impress if a supervisor said this to you? Would this chat ready you to shift your comportment? Why or why not? What strengths did the script bear, and where force percolation be deficiencyed?


Required Readings


Manion, J. (2011). From administration to guideership: Strategies for transforming bloom heed (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Chapter 7, “Coaching and Developing Others” (pp. 339–341)

Review the scripting standard on these pages. In this paragraph, Manion debatees motivation and clear-ups how guideers can shape the most of it through coaching. She clear-ups the guideer’s role, the coaching role, and the separation among coaching and being a coach.

Alichnie, C. (2012). Political instrument and nursing. Pennsylvania Nurse, 67(1), 3–10. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


This word debatees the use of political instrument in nursing. The originator designates that political instrument can be a instrument to an end if it’s used wisely, negotiatively, and after a whilein constitutional and intellectual boundaries.

Barrett, A., Piatek, C., Korber, S., & Padula, C. (2009). Lessons read from a secondary injustice and team-building intercession. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 33(4), 342–351. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


This examine focuses on nurture interaction in fitness to secondary injustice. The originators finish that the key to a cohesive labor environment is a nurture guideer who is operative to impel and stay shift.

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Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


This word haranguees clique comportment in bloom heed enhancements. The topic is that the general economic sky encourages retirement in bloom heed laborers.

Brinkert, R. (2010). A lore revisal of battle message causes, costs, benefits and intercessions in nursing. Journal of Nursing Management, 18(2), 145–156. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


The originator assesses the possessions of battle message on nursing. The examine finishs that battle procure constantly be a disunite of nursing but that it can be subordinate if nurture supervisors use inureee-effective intercession methods.

Cronquist, R., & Spector, N. (2011). Nurses and political instrument: Regulatory concerns and guidelines. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 2(3), 37–40. 

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Cronquist and Spector’s word provides nurtures after a while political instrument guidelines. They to-boot grant the reader examples of what occurs when political instrument is used delayout of negotiative, constitutional, and intellectual boundaries.

Greenlund, L. (2011). ED injustice: Occupational peril? Nursing Management, 42(7), 28–32. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


This word analyzes the possessions of laborestablish injustice on hospitals’ productivity. Consequently laborestablish injustice can be high-priced, the originator provides interruption methods.

Hader, R. (2009). Tweeting—not proportioned for the birds. Nursing Management, 40(12), 6. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


This word focuses on what nurture guideers should do encircling political instrument in the laborplace. New guideership summons bear revived consequently of this create of message. Nurture guideers deficiency to secure that their inureees are not violating a enduring’s hues to solitude.

Issues & answers. Political instrument: Implications for nursing: Nursing Practice Statement NP 85. (2011). Ohio Nurses Review, 86(2), 6–7. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases


This word informs the reader encircling the laws and rules that direct to nursing and political instrument. The originators seize a sample on the use of political instrument and schedule its benefits and drawbacks.

Kuhns, K. A. (2012). Political instrument and negotiative nursing: Friend or foe? Pennsylvania Nurse, 67(1), 4–8. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Kuhn’s word introduces the reader to the divers unanalogous likenesss of political instrument and argues that there is more to political instrument than Facebook and Twitter. The word then goes on to debate the pros and cons of the use of political instrument in the laborplace.

Macleod, L. (2011). Avoiding “group ponder”: A mould’s summon. Nursing Management, 42(10), 44–48. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Macleod’s word focuses on the increasing costs of bloom heed. He says that shifts deficiency to occur twain after a whilein and delayout of bloom heed enhancements for this shift to be stayable.

Robinson, M.-A. (2012). Closing perspectives: Navigating the earth of political instrument. Alberta RN, 67(6), 42. 

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


Robinson’s word haranguees the tardiloquence that divers structures bear after a while political networking. While there are negotiative benefits, there are to-boot risks and new summons.