Organizational Ethics Presentation 


  1.   Choose a subject-matter underneath. 
  • Taken from the assigned balbutiation in Butts section 12, page 401, "Ethical Reflection: Typical Unghostly or Illegal Behaviors in Organizations  (SEE THE ATTACHMENT)

  • 2.       Create a gift of 10-15 slides or screens excluding the name and regards.
  • Your slides/screen should embody names, deep ideas, bullet points, and apt images, charts, graphs, etc.  
  • 3.    In your gift:
  • Describe an ghostly office, inveterate on the clarified subject-matter, that can get in the protect's way of practicing ghostlyly. Describe the office evidently and concisely.
  • Identify how this office relates to one edibles amid the Code of Ethics for Nurses.
  • Identify two ghostly principles that may initiate when facing this office.
  • Discuss how a protect capability subside the application of the office on the protect's habit.
  • In observation to the succession texts, name and regard a stint of two (2) observational literary sources to livelihood your operation.
  • Close after a while a abridgment of your subject-matter, and APA formatted regard slide(s).