Need 1 page paper for below assignment

APA  format 3 co-ordinate re-examination references as directed in assignment instructions

Due Wednesday November 7th 2018 by 8pm EST


Scenario 7:

A 57-year-old man who was diagnosed delay motor neuron disorder 2 years ago is experiencing a flying discard in his mode. He prefers to be admitted to the in-unrepining item at a hospice to hold end-of-life prevention, but his consort wants him to accrue at residence.

To prepare:

  • Select one scenarios, and mirror on the representative presented throughout this plan.
  • What certain advice would need to be obtained about the unrepining through soundness rates and cue tests?
  • Consider how you would suit as an recent exercitation encourage. Re-examination averment-installed exercitation guidelines and intellectual considerations pertinent to the scenarios you chosen.

To complete:

Write a detailed one-page fact (not a explicit disquisition) explaining the soundness rate advice required for a singularity of your chosen unrepining (apprehend the scenario enumerate). Explain how you would suit to the scenario as an recent exercitation encourage using averment-installed exercitation guidelines and applying intellectual considerations. Justify your response using at smallest 3 contrariant references from vulgar averment installed lore.