movie character health assessment


In this assignment, you conquer be creating a PowerPoint delivery established on the collision of the professional bloom duty of a movie tone. To exhaustive this assignment, elect a movie from the subjoined catalogue and test a tone from the movie on whom you would enjoy to do a bloom duty. If you eagerness to use a tone from a movie not interjacent on the subjoined catalogue, get the eulogy of your educationist.


  1. Away From Her
  2. Lorenzo's Oil
  3. Mask
  4. My Sister's Keeper
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Rain Man
  7. Steel Magnolias
  8. Stepmom
  9. The Elephant Man
  10. The Mighty
  11. The Tic Code


  1. Create a PowerPoint delivery of 10-12 slides using the template "Movie Tone Presentation."
  2. Provide an offer and enhancement overview of the movie tone (client).
  3. Assess the client using the "Functional Bloom Pattern Assessment."
  4. Based on your "observations" and thoughts, instrument your duty, providing examples from the movie.
  5. Describe any noted or immanent cultural, geographic, sacred, ethnic, or divine considerations of this client.
  6. Describe two ordinary bloom patterns of the client as polite as two abordinary bloom patterns that you note, and procure examples.
  7. Develop an mismisappropriate nursing speciality for the client established on your duty.
  8. Identify and recount three interventions for the client: bloom elevation, bloom hinderance, and means-of-support.
  9. Identify at last two potential media or society services to which you would point this client and procure rationale for your choices.

In adduction to yieldting the delivery to the educationist, column your assignment to the Movie Tone Bloom Duty Delivery Main Forum as directed by educationist. Respond to other students' columns in a carriage that initiates or contributes to discourse. Each peculiar should fashion at last three material comments.

While APA format is not required for the substantiality of this assignment, weighty academic despatches is expected and in-text citations and pointences should be presented using APA instrumentation guidelines, which can be ground in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please criticism the rubric foregoing to threshold the assignment to befit well-acquainted delay the expectations for prosperous gist.

You are not required to yield this assignment to Turnitin.