Module 4 Maternal child discussion


Mary's 1st baby was delivered via c/minority due to the baby life in the breech standing. She is requesting a VBAC (vaginal origin succeeding c/section) for this her remedy baby. By ultrasound this baby is in the vertex standing. In reviewing the supportoperative recital from her highest surgery - it is famed that she had a low rectangular uterine incision.

Mary is not progressing in drudge suitably, and the resolution has been made to actuate inland a cesarean minority. She understands, agrees, and signs the agree for surgery. You earn anew sanction this enduring in the reanimation - or primal supportpartum end.

Recognize that you earn perfect BUBBLEHE rate. In attention, the abdominal rate earn so comprise rate of the incision. Note the idea of surroundings used to shield the incision. Is it approximated? Is there any bleeding? Does she enjoy bowel sounds? Is the abdomen turgid? Is it pressible? Do you assess the fundus and where is it located? It should be attached. Note disinclination rate.

Discussion Group B earn contribute primal support to the subjoined questions, and suit to Group A.

Discussion Group B:


Susan P. had a SVD (gratuitous vaginal offer) today almost 2 hours ago. The drudge and offer nourish is calling to afford you recital. She is new and not safe what you insufficiency to apprehend from her.

What questions do you demand to ask to contribute pregnant trouble to this enduring uninterruptedly she is epidemic into your trouble?

Please counter-argument all questions including in passage extract and 3-4 References>