Milestone project


The liberal delineation is rate 600 points. Milestone 3 is rate 225 points of this entirety.

Due Date

The Milestone 3 PowerPoint OR Poster assignment is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm MT, at the end of Week 6. Submit your liberald assignment. You may confer the Policies exception in the Introduction & Resources module for details respecting tardy assignments. Post questions environing this assignment in the Order Q & A Forum.

Required Assignment Topic

Note: You earn use the identical scenario you affable and identical mHealth app you signed in Week 2.


  • Select a Microsoft PowerPoint OR a Poster gift for this assignment. See the Guidelines adown for each of the options. 
  • You are required to liberal this assignment using the productivity implements required by Chamberlain University, which is Microsoft Office 2013 (or tardyr account), or Windows and Office 2011 (or tardyr account) for MAC. You must preserve the perfect in the ".pptx" format. A tardyr account of the productivity implement embraces Office 365, which is serviceable to Chamberlain novices for FREE by downloading from the novice gateway at (Links to an outer predicament.)

PowerPoint Assignment Guidelines

  • You are required to quote your fountain(s) as it relates to your contact slide. Other citations are liberal, but this is not a fitness for the assignment.
  • Title slide (earliest slide): Embrace a denomination slide after a while your indicate and the denomination of the gift.
  • Scenario Slide (one slide): This slide should embrace the widespperuse enduring scenario from Milestone 1 and 2. You earn use the widespperuse enduring scenario and embrace a ailment order, idiosyncrasy, OR confirm a enduring after a while a hanker to celebrate good-tempered-tempered-tempered soundness and hinder complaint and who would good-tempered-tempered from an already affable and reliable mHealth app. Embrace the nurse's toll of letters needs and promptness to imbibe.
  • mHealth contact slide (one slide): Confirm a affable and reliable mHealth app that could good-tempered-tempered the enduring. Describe the app, including the subjoined.
    • Name of app
    • Purpose of app
    • Intended audience
    • Mobile project(s) upon which the app earn operate
    • Where to download or accomplish it (embrace a agoing converge if it is to be downloaded from a website)
    • Any other notification you judge would be appertaining to this situation
    • Be strong to quote all fountains you use.
  • Teaching slide(s) (one to three slides): Prepare slides that comprehend expressive points environing the app that you omission to impart to the enduring, such as how to use the app safely and effectively (including how to solve and act on the notification that is granted).
  • Evaluation slide(s) (one to three slides): Describe how you would indicate the consummation of the enduring's use of this app. For sample, embrace ways to evaluate the capability of the imparting delineation that are a good-tempered-tempered-tempered fit for the character of app and rendezvous on unfair ways that this app good-tempereds the enduring's soundness and well-manneredness.
  • References (definite slide): List any allusions for fountains that were used and quoted in the gift.
  • Number of PowerPoint slides: 6-10 slides entirety

Writing and design: There should be no spelling or verbal errors. Writing is neat and disencumbered. Avoid language that the enduring may not learn. Slides are visually appealing, incorporating graphics, photographs, distortions, and themes.

Review the exception on Academic Rectitude Management establish in the RNBSN Policies. All toil must be former (in your own language) consistent truly quoted.

Best Practices in Preparing PowerPoint Slideshows

  • Be conceptional but realistic.
  • Incorporate graphics, distortion, themes, or photographs to extension curiosity-behalf.
  • Make each slide unconcerned to peruse after a while short bullet points and big font. You may use debater notes for liberal sentences.
  • Review directions collectively.
  • Cite all fountains after a whilein the slides after a while (author, year), as well-mannered-mannered as on the allusion slide.
  • Proofperuse precedent to ultimate dependence.
  • Check for spelling and style errors precedent to ultimate dependence.
  • Abide by the Chamberlain academic rectitude management.
  • Tutorial: For those not affable after a while the fruit of a PowerPoint slideshow, the subjoined converge to the Microsoft webpredicament may be advantageous. (Links to an outer predicament.) The Chamberlain Novice Consummation Strategies (SSPRNBSN) offers a module on Computer Literacy that comprehends a exception on PowerPoint. SSPRNBSN is a order tile on your dashboard.