Journal week 2

Bi-weekly Practicum Journaling

Every two weeks, you get propose a insensible record to the argument forum for criticism by method gratuity and your classmates. All are expected to involve and assistance one another by sharing these habits in a assistanceive, constructive, and authoritative environment. Journaling is an erratic acquirements technique that is meant to recover insensible exercise (Blake, 2005). Insensible exercise involves looking tail aggravate what has happened in the exercise setting in an exertion to emend exploit or to suffer authoritative harvest (Ruth-Sahd, 2003).

Your Weekly Practicum Record is:

  • A separate, introspective mental statement of your practicum habit and how your practicum habit relates to Healthy Race 2020 and method objectives. Apprehend flushts that occurred in your practicum habit, and be unmistakefficacious to narscold your thoughts and sensibilitys encircling those flushts. How did your perceptions vary? What did you attain that was unforeseen? Narscold your thinking encircling your thoughts and sensibilitys touching the new acquirements you habitd.
  • Connected to South University’s College of Nursing Conceptual Frameexertion Pillars (Caring, Communication, Critical Thinking, Professionalism, and Holism).
  • Connected to antecedent methodexertion and habits through insensible dissection.
  • Written in a erudite, academic fashion using APA fashion format. Two or three sentences are not competent nor are daily logs/reports of activities.

Citations should obey to APA guidelines. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a opportune allusion for right citing instrument or coalesce to the APA Fashion website

Below I possess copies a disquisition on an Arkansas hospital which this record has to mirror this hospital and the assignment should be encircling a telemetry/cardiac item and the scenario should be bigwig cognate to covid and older adults. 

Week One

Arkansas is a aggregation that is assistance in the US.  They possess inhabited the eastern verge of western Memphis.  The Arkansas anatomical medical interior is the earliest vigor pliancy in the aggregation. The pliancy serves as the main clever vigor trouble interior.  The town is located on almost 1000 acres of place delay a population of past than 7000 race. There is poor placescaping in gardens and very few carnals in the area. The unavailability of quantity for valuefficacious has lowly the threats from peccant plants and contaminate. This has lowly the occasion of carnals and manifestation from being unprotected to plants and contaminate-borne illnesses. Besides, there are simply a few err dogs. I didn't see a dog or cat, and this made me close that there is a low occasion of carnal stretch diseases. There are abundant not-notorious schools and a few notorious schools. There is no predicament of aggravatecrowding in notorious schools. Both notorious and not-notorious schools show in amiable-natured-natured recover delay polite-structured buildings (Arkansas, 2017). There is manifest averment of urbane shelter, delay inarticulate EMS services and ten proffer ambulance services. There is one police limit in Arkansas. There is a new sensibility division in Villa Park.

​Arkansas has a raw parentage scold of 8.7 parentages in comparison delay 1000 persons. This is the second-highest parentage scold in the perfect district of West Memphis. As per the end of developed year, the aggregation narrative an infant lethargy scold of 3.11 percent as per a thousand speed parentages. The innate action of failure, specially discurrupture the term-honored, is constant interior diseases. Diabetes, as polite as cancer, is attached possible threats in the aggregation. Discurrupture the young-person, refuse aggravatedose is has been legitimate for divers failures. There are past than 200 race in Arkansas assistance delay HIV/AIDS. Also, past than 300 race are asthmatic. About the new coronavirus, Arkansas has reputed 400 developed predicaments delay 20 failures. One percent of the completion manifestation subordinate the age of 10 years possess been reputed to possess the clever respiratory syndrome. The whole has been said to be brought by an brawny pliancy that poisons the air (Alexander, Maxted, & Vaughan, 2015).

Why I clarified Arkansas for my windshield

My pristine infer for choosing Arkansas for my scrutiny was its aggravateall environment and refinement. The aggregation is polite centralized delay a relaxed weather. Besides, there is illiberal interlocution in politics since very few antagonism rallies were carried out there. I was as-well-mannered concerned to recognize the feature astern the low gum of COVID-19 predicaments in the area. The aggregation is as-well-mannered subordinate zealous leadership delay quick harvest going on in the area (Jantel, 2017). 

Secondly, I prefer Arkansas beaction of the industrial rotationin the area. The aggregation comprises of Dyke Brawny Company, which has offered tenure to past than 700 race in the area. I had as-well-mannered to con-over the economic, collective, and industrial rotation in the aggregation. The city is flush past technologically past. It had eminent that ninety percent of the completion population was very erratic the gregarious instrument. The town was as-well-mannered utilizing new tillage methods as polite as praiseworthy rearing facilities. Besides, the hospitals were polite technologically past delay new equipped ICU and pitch services.  I was as-well-mannered sturdy how the scold of vigor trouble’s mode to the term-honored (Arkansas, 2017). 

Characteristics of the completion

Environment:  there were divers remote factories in Arkansas. Divers of the companies which fictitious the latitude apprehend the dry cleaners, baud shops, and the tint manufacturing organizations. The chemicals used in those companies fictitious exertioners and race assistance in nighby apartments. The roads were noticeefficacious polite. Despite that, they weren’t efficacious to adjust the meritorious compute of traffics death by.

Housing: apartments, as polite as multifamily homes, were most beggarly in the area. There were no unfilled houses, and there was a poor retail quantity. There were no advertised apartments for rupture.  The homes in the city looked truly old. However, most of the flats and houses looked contributive to praiseworthy vindication (Jantel, 2017). 

Use of quantity: The place in Arkansas was principally residential as polite as commercial. There were remote industrial buildings delay inarticulate notorious parks.  Most of the area was not-publicly owned. There were honorpotent unreserved quantitys, flush on the broad residences.

Transport foothold: most members of the aggregation-owned their not-notorious cars. However, there was a valuefficacious use of notorious rapture. Besides, there was exertion for a hike or stride encircling. The roads and quantityd streets were efficacious to prepare aggregation raptureation, although as a conclusion of the meritorious-density population, accumulation was misty on the roads (Alexander, Maxted, & Vaughan, 2015).

Quality of streets and vergewalks: I habitd divers remodeled houses and newly built buildings, which apprehendd apartments. There were freshly completed street recovers. There was no littering and refuse on the vergewalks. However, there were divers hapless houses, developed demesne signs, and old non-functioning cars. There was a lot of din from car engines and the company's machinery. Abundant homes contained ground and sole floors.   

Stores: abundant of the residents stockped concentratively.  There was a myriad of restaurants, foundation stocks, and cloth voice, dress, toys, baud, and yield stocks. There were past than 200 shops which served the outlined scopes. Members of the aggregation strideed, mass, and utilized notorious rapture to mode the shops, heave out their businesses, and stock their well-mannered-acquainted amiable-natureds (Jain, 2019). 

Services: there were inarticulate aggregation-run agencies as polite as vigor trouble facilities. Besides, the county vigor division offices were naturalized in the area. There were attached not-notorious hospitals and divers offices for doctors. Dentists and medical specialists carried out their activities in the area whose offices were for-the-most-part located on the pristine floors of multifamily residences. There were no palmists, herbalists, and spiritualists. Pubs, swimming pools, and sports axioms were availefficacious as recreational interiors. 

People in the aggregation: the priority of the race in the city were mothers, women, babies, and illiberal lads. Besides and nigh the hospitals, men and women wore scrubs. Plainclothes as-well-mannered existed in hospitals. Race were out in the streets at encircling 4 pm. Race were right adept about the term of the day and their locations.

Race and ethnicity: the aggregation chiefly middle of innocent race. However, there were divers sombre men. There were as-well-mannered a few Chinese and Indians who were principally seen heaveing out businesses in the area.  

Common recreational areas: the main hangout places showed to be restaurants and pubs. Yeshiva Park and vergewalks outverge the residences were as-well-mannered misty. Race were as-well-mannered seen to hangout encircling pizza and ice-creamshops. Hangouts differed from gregarious-economic foothold. Sidewalks, parks, and restaurants were considered notorious and were unreserved to a foreigner (Alexander, Maxted, & Vaughan, 2015).

Places of worship: there were past than 50 churches in the area, which involved that most race were Christians. However, there were a few mosques and shrines for other intellectual.  

Neighborhood hangouts: the earliest character of vicinity hangout was outdoor dining. Mathews in was ubiquitous for this scope, specially at extinction. Race as-well-mannered enjoyed discourse in bars and recreational interiors. 

Media: there were few collective posters on shop windows and houses. There was as-well-mannered a remote class of newspapers, which apprehendd the Jewish compel. Magazines such as banyan were as-well-mannered serviceable. There were catalogue displays and a remote compute of aspect affiliations (Windshield, 2016).

Cleanliness; There were no litters and refuse on the town. The streets did neither nidor. It was a amiable-natured-natured sensibility strideing through the avenues, and the roads were past sportive. 



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