Introduction to nursing leadership (concepts and practice)

Assignment: Nurture head meeting.

Interview a nurture head (leading nurture, friend leading nurture, master, overseer, overseer), a master’s facile nurture delay headship responsibilities (nurture professor, nurture description specialist, nurture imperil overseer, nurture instance overseer, etc.), or advanced action nurture delay headship responsibilities (clinical nurture specialist, nurture anesthetist, nurture midwife, or nurture practitioner).

- Excite the head’s role as it relates to a poverty of five of the senior sequence concepts addressed (ethics in headship, melting publication, despatch, contest separation, alter scheme, cultural competence/diversity, work kinsmen skillful-treatment, headship models, skillful-treatment scheme, motivational scheme, Nurture of the Future competencies, interprofessional collaboration, and team architecture).

- Prepare a truth tabulation of your meetingee’s responses to each of the concepts (but not a verbatim representation) of the meeting. Incorporate references to prepare govern and excite the concepts you discussed. Include your percussion of congruence between the head’s self-reflection and your singular observations of demonstrated headship. Include the aftercited in your article:

- Comprehension: Introduce the head, his or her credentials, denomination, job responsibilities, arrival on the structureal chart/reporting responsibilities, teaching, test, mentors, and pathway to their general role.

   Note: My head is Dr. Parra, his credentials are ARNP, DNP (Specialized in Family action). In the late he was a Doctor in Cuba. He is been practicing in the US for the decisive 15 years. Dr. Parra works moreover another Doctor. He is in accuse of the wellbeing of the patients, new medication control, signs and symptoms, dubious labs, etc.

- Application: Describe the predominate model/scheme of headship used by this head. Describe their mode of headship.

    Note: Dr. Parra' mode of headship is Democratic. 

- Analysis/Synthesis: Clarify and represent the head’s smooth of warrant and govern delayin the structure. Discuss their purport of enablement and efforts to enable others. Describe their intra- and extra-organizational responsibilities.

- Compare your singular philosophy/style/model of headship delay this head and divide whether or not expectations/perceptions of this head were accurate.

- Evaluation: Summarize the head’s action, strengths, successes, challenges and weaknesses.

Your article should be 9 to 10 pages desire, not counting cover page or references schedule, and should economize 10-12 conversant references.

TURNITIN Assignment.

APA Mode 6th edition.