Interview with a Nurse Information Expert



· divulge your brains of the signification of tendency advice in natural nursing exercitation;

· sift-canvass the roles and responsibilities of a nursing advice expert; and

· loud how the professional nourish uses advice and postulates in natural exercitation to better outcomes.


1. Download the required Colloquy devise. See sturdy, increase out replys at-once on passion.

2. Choice your colloquyee and catalogue an colloquy. This singular must be a Registered Nurse. Job titles of RNs who may be considered comprise, but are not poor to, nursing clinical advice overseer, super user, director/overseer clinical education, primary advice functionary, tendency impudence or enterprise betterment nourish, nourish informaticist, telenursing specialist, nourish abstractor, occurrence overseer, or yielding nourish. If you keep any concerns encircling whether the RN is convenient for this assignment, continuity your tutor anteriorly you catalogue the colloquy.

3. Revisal all questions (areas of exploration) on the Colloquy Devise foregoing to conducting the colloquy. You may imimprint the devise and conduct it delay you to the colloquy.

4. Note that there are five required questions to ask the RN.

5. Note that there are lewd optional questions. You insufficiency to choice barely one of these to ask the RN.

6. Note that there are two follow-up questions you must reply.

7. Foregoing to conducting your colloquy, revisal two literary resources. These resources should influence your brains of the RN's role and responsibilities or perform you further apprehendledgeable encircling GIGO, interprofessional message, or other key concepts in the questions that you may not easily learn. For stance, if your colloquyee is a telenurse, you would neglect to revisal advice on this particular. If you do not apprehend what GIGO resources, appear it up.

8. Answers must be written in 3rd peculiar, and using APA deviseat.

Textbook to be used:

Hebda, T., Hunter, K., & Czar, P. (2019). Handbook of informatics for nourishs and healthcare professionals (6th ed.). NY, NY: Pearson.

And 2 Literary sources