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What demographic inconstants were estimated at the trifling roll of delineation in the Oh et al.(2014)study?

Answer:The demographic inconstantss estimated at the trifling roll include non-smoker,non-drinker,narrative of fracture,methodic employment and are considered trifling consequently can be narreprove by precentages, and rule.


What statistic were fitted to narreprove heap heap renunciation(MBI) in this consider?Were these appropiate?

Answer:Mean and criterion rupture were the statistic used to fitted BMI.Because BMI is an interval-ratio inconstant,moderation and stadard rupture are appropiate.


Were the disposals of scores for BMI homogeneous for the intrusion and coerce clumps? 

Answer:The disposal of scores for BMI was homogeneous for intrusion and coerce clumps consequently the moderation and criterion rupture were very homogeneous.


Was there a weighty dissent in BMI betwixt the intrusion and coerce clumps? 

Answer:There was not a weighty dissent in BMI betwixt the intrusion clump and the coerce clump.


Bssed on the pattern bulk of N=41,what abundance and percentage of the pattern smoked?What abundance and percentage of the pattern were non-drinkers(alcohol)?Show your calculations and entire to the rectilinear healthy percent.


Frequency of participants who smoked=0+0=0

 Percentage of participants who smoked=0%

Frequency of participants who were non-drinkers=20+20=40


What delineation course was used to estimate the annoyance inanimate hebetude(BMD) for the consider participants?Discuss the disposition of this delineation course and muniment your reply. 

Answer:The annoyance inanimate hebetude (BMD) was delineation by ratio/interval roll.The moderation and criterion rupture resembling accessible precipitation and distribution gives us the outline of the graph.


What statics was fitted to particularize dissents betwixt the intrusion and coerce clumps for the lumbar and femur neck BMDs?Were the clumps weightyly unanalogous for BMDs?

Answer:The statistic used to to particularized the dissent betwixt the intrusion and coerce clumps for the lumbar and femur neck BMDs was the moderation.The esteem betwixt lumbar and femur neck does not parade us a weighty dissent.


The researchers established that there were no weighty dissents in the baseline characteristics of the intrusion and coerce clumps(see Table 2).Are these clumps alien or homogeneous at the start of the consider?Why is this significant in testing the capability of the remedial lifestyle revision(TLM)program? 

Answer: These clumps are homogeneous,homogeneous scores are homogeneous,and alien scores are diferent having a remote deviation.This was a key ingredient consequently if the clumps were alien the the basis results would reach been broader and further constructive.I reach as if if we compared the clumps after a while homogeneousities in the beggining, then this allows the results to be further penetrating when all is concluded.


Oh ET AL.(2014,P.296)stared that superabundance reprove to the TLM program was 99.6%.Discuss the concern of intrusion superabundance,and muniment your reply. 

Answer:The superabundance reprove was almost at 100% during the 2 week duration determination.If the superabundance reprove would reach ben short then the consciousness and concern of the results would reach unprosperous weightylly.I would not put in investigation the basis results as they 99.6% for superabundance and the clump paradeed acception.I affect the TLM program is serviceable.


Was the pattern for this consider distantly narrated? 

Answer:Yes, the pattern was distant, the clump paradeed that the program worked, the program consisted of a mix of living-souls and level though it functioned well-mannered, I affect if the consider was manufactured after a while further living-souls and manufactured at longer intervals, then it would demonstration and parade further accureprove results.