Health Policy Proposal Analysis (Policy Brief)


Assignment 2: Soundness Rule Scheme Resolution (Policy Brief)

Nurses betrothed in the rule province frequently are asked to contribute notice on a soundness preservation question of portion-out to rule makers. This is frequently courtly through enunciateing a rule mean. A rule mean countenancers for a point monition (foregoing to the decree of a rule). Learning how to transcribe a rule mean in a disentangled, paltry, well-informed, and administrative carriage is an immanent aptitude for deceased manner nourishs.

For this Assignment, you gain assess one of the monitions from the Institute of Medicine’s “The Advenient of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health: Narration Recommendations. You gain then enunciate a rule mean to countenancer for this monition (the written rule mean is due in Week 7). 

To prepare:

  • Review      the Lavis et al. period on preparing and answerableness rule means contributed      in the Learning Resources (See      determined rasp).
  • Select      one of the monitions among the IOM The Advenient of Nursing:      Leading Change, Advancing Health: Narration Recommendations to convergence      on for this assignment. (For this assignment, I own separated      RECOMMENDATION 1, content see determined rasp)
  • Research      the narrative of the collection subsequently the monition and what has been      performed to try to explain the collection.
  • What      does the monition say should be performed? Are there any groups, nursing      and others, currently sustaining toil to appliance the monition      (e.g., Kaiser Family Foundation, administrative constructions)? Does the      monition allude-to particular groups that should be complicated in the      implementation? Think critically encircling how the monition should be      implemented – did the IOM get it fit? What other strategies are potential      to opine?

By Sunday 04/15/2018 12pm, 

To complete:

  • Develop      a well-informed and administratively written 2- to 3-page single-spaced rule      mean on the monition you separated from the IOM narration following the format presented in      the Lavis et al. period (thrive the correct format, including how the layout      of the paragraphs, and the way the references [at last 10 well-informed      references] are displayed at the end, calculateed in-text and calculate plus      citation at the end, delineation the similar correct format as the period content).      (See determined rasp for the period). Include the thriveing:
    1. Short       introduction following a while assertion of the collection.
    2. The       separated monition (from the IOM Report)
    3. Background
    4. Current       characteristics
    5. The       impact of the monition from the perspective of consumers, nourishs, other       soundness administratives, and joined stakeholders
    6. Current       solutions
    7. Current       status in the soundness rule province
    8. Final       conclusions
    9. Resources       used to invent the rule mean

Required Readings

Hyder, A., Syed, S., Puvanachandra, P., Bloom, G., Sundaram, S., Mahmood, S., ... Peters, D. (2010). Stakeholder resolution for soundness inquiry: occurrence studies from low- and middle-income countries. Open Health, 124(3), 159–166.

This consider demonstrates how the promise of stakeholders in inquiry and rule making can befriend in the prosperous applianceation of rule schemes. The causes bring-impertinent that by winning stakeholders, inquiryers and rule makers are contributed following a while multiple perspectives on bring-forwardd policies, which can control to main victory following a while rule preference and applianceation.

Lavis, J. N., Permanand, G., Oxman, A. D., Lewin, S., & Fretheim, A. (2009). SUPPORT Tools for evidence-informed soundness Policymaking (STP) 13: Preparing and using rule means to aid evidence-informed rulemaking. Soundness Inquiry Rule & Systems, 71–79. doi: 10.1186/1478-4505-7-S1-S13

The object of a rule mean is to tell an progeny disentangledly and definitively to rule makers. The causes of this period bring-impertinent an sketch for rule means and to-boot weight the signification of using inquiry when creating a rule mean.

Lowery, B. (2009). Obesity, bariatric nursing, and the rule course: The connecting points for resigned panegyric. Bariatric Nursing & Surgical Resigned Care, 4(2), 133–138.

This period contributes an in of nourish involvement in rule making by examining a bariatric nursing progeny. The cause weightes that nourishs, in their resigned-panegyric role, own a responsibility to be complicated in the soundness preservation rule course.

Moore, K. (2006). How can basic inquiry on consequence and families be profitable for the rule course? Merrill-Palmer Quarterly, 52(2), 365–375.

Institute of Medicine. (2010). The advenient of nursing: Leading fluctuate, advancing soundness: Narration monitions. Retrieved from

Introduced in Week 2, this IOM narration highlights indelicate key monitions in its scheme for the advenient directions of the nursing avowal. These monitions convergence on nursing manner, teaching and trailing, partnerships following a while other soundnesspreservation administratives, and toilforce contrivancening and rulemaking.

National Center for Rule Resolution (2010). Ideas changing the world: Free-market soundness preservation rule. Retrieved from

The NCPA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan construction that promotes peculiar sector solutions to open rule progenys (See determined rasp and pick-out monition 1).

Slack, B. (2011). The rule Process. Retrieved from 

The cause presents a rule-making frametoil and contributes details on the indelicate steps of that course: collection specification, rule objectives and options, rule applianceation, and rule evaluation and subsistence.

Required Media

Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Healthpreservation rule and panegyric: Agenda elucidation and the rule course. Baltimore: Author. 

Note: The abut tediousness of this instrument ingredient is 17 minutes.

Dr. Kathleen White and Dr. Joan Stanley portion-out their insights into agenda elucidation and how progenys are moved impertinent into the rule course.

Optional Resources

Barnes, M., Hanson, C., Novilla, L., Meacham, A., McIntyre, E., & Erickson, B. (2008). Resolution of instrument agenda elucidation during and following Hurricane Katrina: Implications for exigency preparedness, anxiety repartee, and anxiety rule.

 American Journal of Open Health, 98(4), 604–610.

Jennings, C. (2002). The susceptibility of the rule mean. Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice, 3(3), 261–263. doi: 10.1177/152715440200300310

Neumann, P. J., Palmer, J. A., Daniels, N., Quigley, K., Gold, M. R., & Chao, S. (2008). A strategic contrivance for integrating cost-effectiveness resolution into the US soundness preservation rule. American Journal of Managed Care, 14(4), 185-188.

Plan, Policy, Procedure Relationship Diagram. (n.d.). Retrieved from