Health Policy Brief (one-page leave behind) Assignment. Please follow the instructions, sample and rubric.


Health Management Tiny -Assignment

 Below is the embody for the Sanity Policy: 

Purpose: This assignment is for you to furnish a management tiny. The assignment engages you in acquirements environing an offspring and to precisely – and in a non-biased figure -- test the management and collective offsprings that are convenient to that theme.


· You procure fine a present sanitycare kindred bill

· Review the media supposing in-reference-to preparing a one-page management tiny.

· You procure furnish a one-page sanity management tiny, frequently referred to as a one-page permission behind

· Your contemplation format does not feel to be correspondently approve any of the patterns supposing but must inclose the selfselfsame notification.

· For the purposes of this assignment, you procure wear the role of a clump of registered nurses (should you flow that this is great to include in your tiny).

· Your auditory procure be your aristocratic and persomal depute that you procure be discussion delay (hypothetically) before-long.

· The sections must be disconnected by headings, as you procure see in the examples.

· You may single-space.

· The tiny should be visually alluring and gentle to unravel.

· You may scantiness to Include bullets instead of diffuse paragraphs.

· Try to hold to singly one or two references. There are to be in APA format (you may single-space.

*This is a pattern layout. You can flow on your own contemplation and smooth headings, as covet as this notification is supposing.

Title: Name and enumerate of Bill


· Statement of the Issue/Problem (aka preface). This should be a tiny (2-3 doom) describing the offspring. 

· Begin delay a tiny overview of the management offspring and recite the

substance you trust to work-out or the concrete you trust to finish.

· Map where your reasoning procure siege the unraveler and explicitly

contour your thesis/key purpose.

Background & Evidence 

· An explication of the substance and its opinion. 

· Briefly interpret the fact of the management offspring.

· Persuasively contour why your management advice(s) procure work-out the substance or finish the concrete you highlighted in your preface.

· Use manifestation from examination studies, occurrence studies, legislative experiences of other jurisdictions, estimable polling/surveys and other sources to stay your perspectives and progression your truth.


· List advices environing what you scantiness your aristocratic and depute to do.

Reference(s) (of your notification)

NOTE: See attachments for pattern and rubric.