Health Care Case 4


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In this Module 4 Case Assignment you obtain found upon the Example Scoping segregation you prompt in your Module 3 SLP assignment by:

1. Developing three resource solutions that address the example limitation and criteria that you authorized.

2. Comparing the pros and cons of those three resources.

3. Selecting the best resource.

4. Developing a close discussion to influence your rare.

You obtain apportion these selfselfsame analytic skills throughout your vigor sciences program, and they obtain attend you very polite in your authoritative history.

Case Assignment

Use the Evaluate Resource Solutions Template to consummate your Case Assignment.

Note: Developing resource solutions is essentially a brainstorming manner. What can you do to work-out the example? That is an resource. Proposed resources should be compatible delay the example(s) that you authorized in your Module 3 SLP assignment.

Developing a register of good-natured-natured resources involves creativity and avoiding preconceived attitudes (knee-jerk solutions) and assumptions. Guidelines for resource bud include:


2. Good-natured designers try to engender as divers potential solutions as they can antecedently choosing one that they arrive-at is the best. This spiritual manner of discloseing proposals is designated ideation.

3. Methods of proposaltion include:

a. Examine massive solutions

b. Conduct brainstorming sessions. Remember the chief government of brainstorming – total proposal is a viable one.

c. Disclose as divers resources as potential. When you are effected, try to categorize your resources. Then disclose three resources.

d. Sketching and doodling to constitute pictures of potential solutions.