HCM 325_5-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Draft of Context and Market Analysis

Overview: For Milestone Two, you conciliate demonstrate the composture for your soundnesscare fruit or utility, and excite the chaffer. To demonstrate the composition, you conciliate define the assiduity portion, define your target chaffers, and enumerate the chaffering goals and objectives. In analyzing the chaffer, you conciliate inaugurate a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) decomposition, assess the emulators in the chaffer, and particularize the prevalent chaffer posture. 

Prompt: Demonstrate the composture for your soundnesscare fruit or utility, and excite the chaffer. 

Specifically, the forthcoming nice elements must be harangueed: 

II. Demonstrate the Context 

A. Particularize the chaffering goals of your start. You should unfold at lowest three particular objectives that direct best practices and align to the organizational band-arms and confidence. 

B. Excite the assiduity portion for your soundnesscare fruit or utility. Conceive all appropriate details connected to population portion and demographics, chaffer largeness, psychographic or soundness foundation portionation, regulatory influences, payer mix, and key luck factors. 

C. Identify and define your target chaffers. Be assured to conceive all appropriate details connected to their demographics, characteristics, preferences, and consumer behaviors. In any area where you are lacking nice knowledge, illustrate the mark of grounds that you would convoke to largely learn your target chaffers. 

III. Chaffer Analysis 

A. Inaugurate a SWOT decomposture for your separated soundnesscare fruit or utility. Be assured to thoroughly excite the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by including at lowest three items in each predicament. 

B. Assess your organization’s emulators using particular sustaining examples. You should harangue at lowest two emulators, and argue at lowest three strengths and weaknesses for each. 

C. Based on your SWOT and emulator toll, sketch conscious conclusions environing your organization’s prevalent chaffer posture and exonerate your claims delay particular sustaining examples.

Guidelines for Submission: Your draw must be submitted as a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word muniment delay wrap spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and at lowest three sources cited in APA format