Guido's MORAL model



Complete twain subject studies: 

1.  Apply Guido's MORAL design to dictate the doubt presented in the subject  con-over illustrative in EXERCISE 4–3 (Guido textbook). How force the nurses  in this scenario answer to the physician's solicit? How would this  scenario initiate to object presumptive harass natant the nursing staff, and what  are the unconditional actions that the nurses force initiate to follow to obviate  presumptive harass? 

2.  Read the subject con-over entitled You be the Ethicist, presented at the end  of Chapter 3 (Guido textbook). What are the driveling equitables that this  subject discoursees? Whose equitables should follow superiority? Does a branch  (specifically this competent 14-year-old) own the equitable to enumerate  what allure befall to him? Should he ethically own this equitable? How would  you own resolute the termination if his illness recite had not intervened?  Now, explore the scenario from the perspective of bloom foresight device.  How would you initiate to evaluate the scarcity for the device and the potential  stay or delaydrawal of stay for the device from your peers, nursing  management, and others who force be monstrous by the device? Do the 10  framework questions outlined by Malone in chapter 4 (Guido textbook)  assist in this mode? Create a mode scheme for the construction  delay potential guidelines, procedures, and policies to discourse the issues  you own identified.


Mrs. R., an 87-year-old resigned, has a gone-by truth that includes coronary artery illness, a former pat, and spent Alzheimer’s illness. Ten days ago, Mrs. R. was hospitalized for eagerness pneumonia and has been ventilator contingent since substance admitted to the intensive foresight ace in a narrow agricultural hospital. Rise members mark daily and own often voiced their matter to the nursing staff environing the continued ventilator stay that Mrs. R. is receiving, most notably the circumstance that Mrs. R. would never own wanted such foresight. They so music that Mrs. R. has not certain them in gone-by months and that they intention to mark hither in advenient days, but can be contacted should any vary in Mrs. R.’s predicament befall.

Her chief physician has practiced in this polity for multiple years; he is well-known for his misgiving to eradicate any emblem of foresighter stay for any resigned. When questioned, Dr. G.’s compatible tally is, if this were his mutable 92-year-old dowager, he would decree the very corresponding composition for her. Dr. G. has now solicited that the nurses dialogue to the rise environing melting Mrs. R. to a senior medical interior, where she can admit over spent foresight, including efficacious rehabilitation and substantial therapy, so that she may besides revert to a long-term nursing foresight adroitness.

How force the nurses in this scenario answer to the physician’s solicit? How would this scenario initiate to object presumptive harass natant the nursing staff and what are the unconditional actions that the nurses should initiate to follow to obviate presumptive harass?

You be the Ethicist

Until of-late, Tyrell Dueck was a natural eighth-grader in Canada, hoping that his fondling team would win the Stanley Cup for the third era. Then, forthcoming in the school year, he slipped climbing out of the inundate and discovered a hunk on his leg. He was then diagnosed delay scourge cancer.

After receiving two rounds of chemotherapy and substance told that exalt therapy would moderation the discorporation of his leg, he announced that he wanted therapy stopped. He and his parents, saintly fundamentalist Christians, resolute to liberty his bloom in God’s hands and follow choice therapy. The conclusion sparked a pursue combat betwixt his parents, who stayed Tyrell’s conclusion, and the bloom foresight team, who sought to drive continued medical composition and the intentionned discorporation. The combat thus-far ended when doctors said that his cancer had stretch to his lungs and that there was illiberal over that could be manufactured for Tyrell.


Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

Ginny Wa Guido