Genetic Mutation


Assignment Instructions

Lisa Anderson, a 22 y.o., Caucasian unique originator, is referred for genetic counseling by her pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She has a 3-year-old boy after a while developspiritual stoppage and fine flexure hyperextensibility. The pediatric Nurse Practitioner has diagnosed frail X-associated spiritual obstruction. She is currently prolific after a while her assist child at 14 weeks of gestation. The lineage narrative is everyday.

Please use the forthcoming acmeings/subheadings as a direct to drain your brochure:

  1. Introduction (including a insignificant end proposition)
  2. Identify the genetic change legitimate for frail X-associated spiritual obstruction.
  3. Describe and examine how it causes the clinical syndrome of developspiritual stoppage, flexure hyperextensibility, comprehensive testes, and facial abnormalities.
  4. Identify which originator is the reasonable carriage of the genetic change?
  5. Explain why this originator and the grandparents are phenotypically simple.
  6. Discuss the likelihood that the unborn child achieve be artful?
  7. Conclusion

In commendations to APA format, gladden use the forthcoming as a direct:

  • Include a protect page and present acme (this is not multiply of the 4-5 page expression)
  • Include transitions in your brochure (i.e. acmeings or subheadings)
  • Use in-text regards throughout the brochure
  • Use double room, 12 subject-matter Times New Roman font
  • Spelling, grammar, and construction are appropriate
  • Include a regard inventory (this is not multiply of the 4-5 page expression)
  • Attempt to use principal sources singly. That said, you may select original electronic sources (i.e. ANA)