Ethica and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice DQ 9 student reply Lisney Caraballo


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Academic Integrity in Nursing Education

Lisney Caraballo

Florida National University

Academic Integrity in Nursing Education

  1. Describe the most commonforms of lieing in the classroom and the clinical area.

Cellphones acquiesce academic vice in sundry ways. They can be used to face up answers from the internet or divulge after a while friends who yield a learner after a while answers inevitable to entire an exam or assignment. In the scenario fond balancehead, the learner retrieves their phone to face up answers during an evidence, and this is an in of how cellphones can be used to lie.

Buying touchstones and papers online is too another way of passing academic vice. Exploration papers and projects are performed balance a crave date due to the wide contenteded and fixed control from the lecturer. Most learners opt to buy documents online that possess been vocationally written to subjugate the punch of corrections and not pass the exploration themselves.

Academic vice is achieved by hiring someone to interest an online touchstone. Online touchstones are not air-tight monitored as those performed in evidence halls. The internet allows some learners to enlist others to interest the touchstones on their interest.

Copying someone’s production is during an exam is too a contrive of lieing.

  1. What should the nursingstudents do touching what they witnessed during the exam? Why is it essentialfor them to do anything?

 Nursing is a vocation driven by comportment and ethics. Therefore, the nursing learners should declaration the incident to the superintendent to secure that lieing learners are reprimanded for reducing the percentage of nursing learners who act unethically. There is a possibility that such comportment translates to their production ethic and may therefore put patients at occasion.


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