Essentials of Maternity, Newborn, and Women's Health Nursing

Chapter 16: Nursing Administration During the Postpartum Period

1. You are caring for Bonnie, age 42, who has upright undergone a cesarean race for her foremost baby. You are chargeable on for monitoring her stipulation during repossession and for command her how to interest solicitude of herself and her baby. (Learning Objectives 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7)

1A. You still n ess that Bonnie has a express Homans’ emblem in the left leg. What are the action factors for thromboembolic disorders, and how procure you state if she has a DVT? If Bonnie has a DVT, what else is she at action for?

1B. Bonnie is expeditions for release and asks you encircling bleeding, perineal solicitude, and what she should eat suitableness breast-feeding. What are you going to inculcate her?

1C. Bonnie, the baby, and Bonnie’s mate are succeedingcited up for newborn solicitude. What nursing interventions should be included to raise parental role congeniality and parent–newborn charity?

2. You accept upright ordinary relation on the succeedingcited enduring. Hannah G1P1 gave race vaginally two days ago to a baby miss. She had a midline episiotomy and has protruding hemorrhoids. Hannah is rubella privative and has A– lineage stamp and her daughter is O+. Hannah is breast-sustentation her daughter. Hannah is expected to be released to settlement following this succeedingnoon. (Learning Objectives 6 and 8)

2A. Describe the nursing administration for Hannah and her extraction during the postpartum era time.

2B. Hannah and Justin are preparing for release. What areas of sanity command are needed for release planning, settlement solicitude, and follow-up visits for Hannah and her baby miss?

Chapter 17: Newborn Transitioning  

1. Sarah works in the work and donation item as a transition protect. Her province has launched a new bedside transition time where newborns effect the transition to extrauterine activity in their mother’s repossession ground encircling an hour succeeding race. Sarah’s proximate assignment is a new baby boy behind a while Apgar scores of 8 and 9, born by cesarean encircling 1 hour ago to Lindsay, a 28-year-old G1. Sarah’s toll findings of the new baby boy are:

  • Vital emblems: axillary sky 37.0° C, courage trounce 145, respiratory trounce 75
  • Observations: garbling pink, respirations accelerated and unlabored, cheerful muscle probe, cheerful arm and leg movement
  • Auscultation: inspiration probes bright and correspondent bilaterally, tenacious courage probes behind a while a tender whisper, free bowel probes in all four quadrants
  • Physical toll: fontanels tender and level, eyes bright behind a while red reflex in twain, ears usual figure and importation, tender and severe palate unhurt, tenacious suck, twain nares evident, capillary enrich short than 2 seconds, twain testes descended
  • Measurements: power 8 pounds 6 ounces, extension 20 inches, crown circuit 36.2 cm, chest circuit 36.0 cm

           As Sarah is charting her findings, Lindsay asks Sarah if anything is OK behind a while her baby. (Learning Objectives 2, 3, and 4)

  1. Which toll findings for this newborn are unnatural? What is the most slight action of these abusual findings?
  2. How would Sarah expound these abusual findings to Lindsay?
  3. Describe the nursing interventions that Sarah would utensil established on these findings.

2. Baby miss Destiny was born by cesarean donation 2 days ago. Destiny weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces, extension 19 inches, crown circuit 34 cm, chest circuit 34 cm. Her newborn round has been unnoticeable. You perceive-keep that when held, Destiny shows active and stares into her solicitudegiver's countenance. Destiny shows to be a full baby and cries barely when she is spare or when she needs a diaper exchange. When spare, you perceive-keep that she brings her index to her bung and starts sucking on her fist and then begins to cry. Destiny falls heedless straightway succeeding the sustentation. The telephone, which is proximate to Destiny on her mother’s bed, rings vociferously and Destiny does not show to reply to the resonant probe by melting her extremities or awakening briefly. (Learning Objective 5)

  1. Based on your observations of Destiny, are her behaviors usual? Which of the five usual behavioral responses were perceive-keepd?
  2. Does Destiny evidence any behaviors that may be action for solicitude? What is the solicitude and what ability you as the protect do to assess further?