Emergency Plan for the Older Adult

Assignment Description

Emergency Plan for the Older Adult

Locate the American Red Cross in your area: http://www.redcross.org/ or in peculiar.

  • Identify what is certain for difficulty supplies to accept on influence for a healthful older adult. Consider visiting delay an older family portion or acquaintance to substantiate local demands for this older adult (unintoxicated for this peculiar)
  • Assist the older adult (OA) in creating their Personal Difficulty Plan and contacts
  • Describe what the OA was surprised to demand or what they seemed to forecast on their own
  • Why is this momentous for OA singles or couples who speed unconnectedly delayout services?
  • Complete at meanest two slides for each bullet subject-matter delay a entirety of 10 slides

Assignment Expectations:

Length: Insufficiency of 10 satisfied slides

Structure: Include a address slide, external slide, satisfied slides, and allusion slide in APA format. The address/objective/allusion slides do not reckon towards the insufficiency slide reckon for this assignment. lots of pictures to commendations.

References: Use embezzle APA fashion in-text citations and allusions for all instrument utilized to reply the questions. A insufficiency of two (2) knowing sources are required for this assignment.