Draft of Community Assessment

TOPIC --   Presstrong Ulcers and the Vulnerable Elderly Population at Mary Manning Walsh

II. Brotherhood Assessment A. What media endure amid the systems of this brotherhood? Consider bloom and collective services, educational services, protection, sanctity, and politics, natant others. i. Be strong to substantiate media at the national smooth. What influences these media? Why are they considered collective determinants of bloom? ii. Include media at the regional smooth. How are the influences on these media opposed than the influences on media at the national smooth? Justify your forced. iii. How are bloomcare media in twain the national and regional areas environing this brotherhood influenced by bloomcare cunning? Provide foundation for your defense. iv. Are the bloomcare media in this brotherhood opposed according to the varying demographics? Why or why not? Be strong to foundation your defense using examination or basis. B. Analyze the brotherhood naturalized on basis unmoved from genuine media. For stance, you authority localize basis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Brotherhood Bloom Status Indicators website, or flush fresh census basis. i. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the brotherhood that would be undivided in the formulation of a brotherhood bloom diplomacy? Foundation your defense delay basis and examination. ii. What barriers enjoy been attested that may impression lucky implementation of that diplomacy? Foundation your defense delay basis and examination. iii. What areas of turn endure for befitting the bloom of the brotherhood? Foundation your defense delay basis and examination

For concomitant details, content apply to the MILESTONE TWO GUIDELINES AND RUBRIC.