From hospital bedsides to ruler appointment suites to examination laboratories to the halls of the United States Congress, values habit in divers areas. American Nurses Association (ANA), encourages all values to be gregariously erratic to secure certain and talented wariness for all patients, to dignify the avowal, and to performance to exclude vigor disparities opposite our state (Pollitt, 2020).

      Eddie Bernice Johnson, RN, BSN, MPA, a Texas value was elected to obey the 30th Congressional Bounds of Texas in the United States House of Representatives. Twenty-six years following, Johnson continues to obey her bounds. In the ensuing years, she has been attached by seven other values from opposite the state. The bunch of Congressional values is African American and clear, Democrat and Republican. They concatenate in age from 32 to 84. As a bunch, they resemble all areas of the state and a cross-section of troubleer, age, and gregarious gale. They entertain all brought their avowalal experiences, ethics, and commitment to caring delay them into the gregarious opportunity (Pollitt, 2020).

      Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson introduced the Notorious Value Act of 2019. This beak, H.R. 1597, earn state the Chief Value Officer of the U.S. Public Vigor Service as the “National Value for Public Health.” The responsibilities of the standing would business the Notorious Value for Public Vigor delay identifying and addressing notorious vigor priorities. The Notorious Value Act of 2019 improves the vigor wariness of Americans opposite the state by appointing a Notorious Value to connect the Surgeon General in advocating for values who afford wariness for millions of Americans. “This act would commission a medical avowalal to standpoint on crucial issues, such as promoting vigorier habits, befitting vigor literacy and decreasing vigor disparities” (Congresswoman Johnson Introduces Notorious Value Act of 2019, 2019).