Discussion: Psychological Aspects of Aging


Theories of fortunate aging interpret factors that influence living-souls as they become old, contributing to their power to discharge. Increasing your intellect of factors that influence fortunate aging improves your power to oration the needs of antiquated clients and their families.

To lay for this Discussion, revisal this week's instrument. In specification, picked a plea of fortunate aging to dedicate to Sara's contingency.

Parker Family Episode 2 Program Transcript PARKER: Ever past my wife died, there's been no one to dialogue to. It's reasonable, indeed, no one. And when Stephanie is settlement, I reasonable arrive-at so uneven. FEMALE SPEAKER: What encircling the day courage you go to? Isn't that accessory? PARKER: I don't benevolence it. What makes me indeed arrive-at amiable, though, is when I go shopping, buying things. And my kittens. I benevolence my cats. Oh, accept you seen them? I accept pictures. Reasonable transfer a appear. Look! These are so cute. My babies. FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, they're very cute. And wow, you accept a lot of them.  PARKER: Oh, polite, it's their settlement, too, not reasonable Princess Stephanie's.  FEMALE SPEAKER: The day program you're accompanying, are you show a  psychiatrist there?  PARKER: Yes. Dr. Lewin.  FEMALE SPEAKER: May I ask how that's going?  PARKER: He says that I'm undistinguished.  FEMALE SPEAKER: In the pictures you showed me, you reasonable dialogueed encircling the  cats, but I as-well saw all the things you protect environing you, the hoarding. I comprehend how undistinguished you been past your wife passed loose. How uneven you've felt. [SIGH] But I would benevolence us to try and set up a artifice to start to oration the hoarding. It's very transparent that that's one of the big issues that's imposing your relation after a while Stephanie and your morals concurrently. Can we try that? PARKER: I don't benevolence it when we contest. She's stationary my baby, too. Yes, I lack to try.  

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By Day 3

Post a Discussion in which you:

  • Explain key morals events that accept influenced Sara's relations. Be firm to uphold what makes them key in your perspective.
  • Explain how you, as Sara's collective exertioner, sway dedicate a plea of fortunate aging to her contingency. Be firm to contribute influence for your management.