Deliverable 1 – Memo to Executive Staff

Scenario Information 

You are pretentious the role of the device overseer for a assemblage denominated SuperPacks to contribute a new backpack result after a while a built-in composure pouch and radio module. Your customer for this device is the U.S. Army, Ground Forces and Special Operations. As the device overseer for your team, you earn be submitting to your overseer a device skillful-treatment fame.

Instructions device skillful-treatment fame. 2 page minimum 

Memo to Staff

For this assignment you earn be agreement a negotiative memo to your assemblage constabulary staff using the Project Memo Template addressing the aftercited points:

  • Name of the assemblage (You are NOT choosing a new assemblage; you MUST use the instruction in the presentation over. You are honest naming the assemblage after a while the instruction from the presentation as your guidelines).
  • Provide an presentation to the program grounded on the device overview.
  • As the program overseer, what is your moderate impost of the program?
  • What do you revere your earliest operation as the program overseer may be after a while this device?
  • List your moderate concerns after a while the program.
  • Provided a expose impost for the device using acquitted examples.
  • Write a quittance to your memo.