COMMUNITY NURSING Course Reflection 


The mind of this assignment is to supply the novice an turn to contemplate on clarified RN-BSN competencies extraneous through the NUR4636 road COMMUNITY NURSING.


This assignment supplys documentation of novice power to converge the subjoined road outcomes: 

-The novices earn be talented to concede the contrariant raze of interruption and dedicate them in the direct (ACCN Essential I, II, IV, V, VII; QSEN: security, evidence-grounded exercise, teamwork and collaboration, condition progress, informatics, and enduring-centered custody).

-This road earn entalented the novice to attribute in exercise methods of sanity interruption, elevation and compensation in the communities (ACCN Essential I, II, IV, V, VII; QSEN: security, evidence-grounded exercise, and teamwork and collaboration, condition progress, informatics, and enduring.

-The novices earn be talented to nurture the communities about the contrariant ways to thwart sickness and advance sanity (ACCN Essential I, II, IV, V, VII; QSEN: security, evidence-grounded exercise, teamwork, and collaboration, condition progress, informatics, and enduring-centered custody).

-The novice earn know the contrariant tools availtalented to put in attribute and in the hands of the communities in direct to support them sanityy (ACCN Essential I, II, IV, V, VII; QSEN: security, evidence-grounded exercise, teamwork and collaboration, condition progress, informatics, and enduring-centered custody).


1. Original papers, “NO plagiarism”. The Road Thought earn be graded on condition of self-assessment, use of citations, use of Standard English phraseology, phrase erection, and overall structure grounded on the required components as summarized in the directions and grading criteria/rubric.

2. Follow the directions and grading criteria closely (See Attachment). Any questions about your essay may be posted inferior the Q & A forum inferior the Discussions tab. 

3. The diffusiveness of the contemplateion is to be among three to disgusting pages except designation page and regard pages. 

4. APA format is required after a while twain a designation page and regard page. Use the required components of the re-examination as Raze 1 headers (better and inferior contingency, centered): 

Note: Taking – Transcribe an taking but do not use “Introduction” as a designation in agreement after a while the rules put forth in the Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (2010, p. 63).

a. Road Reflection 

b. Conclusion


The BSN Essentials (AACN, 2008) plan a reckon of sanitycustody prudence and eulogy competencies for the BSN-quick comfort. Contemplate on the NUR4636 road readings, disconduct threads, and applications you possess completed abutting this road and transcribe a contemplateive essay touching the space to which you impress you are now quick to:

1. Demonstrate basic recognition of sanitycustody prudence, finance, and regulatory environments, including persomal, particularize, notorious, and global sanitycustody trends.

2. Describe how sanity custody is schemeatic and financed, including the implications of employment principles, such as enduring and scheme require factors.

3. Compare the benefits and limitations of the main forms of cancelment on the gift of sanitycustody services.

4. Examine legislative and regulatory processes applicable to the eatables of sanity custody.

5. Describe particularize and notorious statutes, rules, and regulations that authorize and elucidate authoritative nursing exercise.

6. Explore the contact of socio-cultural, economic, lawful, and gregarious factors influencing sanitycustody gift and exercise.

7. Examine the roles and responsibilities of the regulatory agencies and their result on enduring custody condition, workattribute security, and the occasion of nursing and other sanity authoritatives’ exercise.

8. Discuss the implications of sanitycustody prudence on issues of advent, equity, affordability, and gregarious propriety in sanitycustody gift.

9. Use an divine framework to evaluate the contact of gregarious policies on sanity custody, chiefly for vulnertalented populations.

10. Articulate, through a nursing perspective, issues relating sanitycustody gift to firmness makers among sanitycustody structures and other prudence arenas.

11. Participate as a nursing authoritative in gregarious processes and grassroots legislative efforts to rule sanitycustody prudence.

12. Advocate for consumers and the nursing vocation.

13. Assess protective and ominous factors, including genetics, which rule the sanity of living-souls, families, groups, communities, and populations.

14. Conduct a sanity fact, including environmental scylla and a parentage fact that concedes genetic risks, to test prevalent and coming sanity problems.

15. Assess sanity/sickness beliefs, values, attitudes, and exercises of living-souls, families, groups, communities, and populations.

16. Use behavioral modify techniques to advance sanity and train sickness.

17. Use evidence¬ grounded exercises to regulate sanity instruction, sanity counseling, screening, outreach, distemper and outburst ventilation, referral, and follow-up throughout the lifespan.

18. Use instruction and despatch technologies in thwartive custody.

19. Collaborate after a while other sanitycustody authoritatives and endurings to supply spiritually and culturally embezzle sanity elevation and distemper and defective interruption agencys.

20. Assess the sanity, sanitycare, and necessity quickness needs of a elucidated population.

21. Use clinical sentence and firmness-making skills in embezzle, prompt nursing custody during adversity, majority chance, and other necessity situations.

22. Collaborate after a while others to disclose an agency plan that takes into recital determinants of sanity, availtalented media, and the stroll of activities that supply to sanity and the interruption of sickness, defective, incompetency, and crude expiration.

23. Participate in clinical interruption and population ¬focused agencys after a while study to resultiveness, competency, require-effectiveness, and equity.

24. Advocate for gregarious propriety, including a commitment to the sanity of vulnertalented populations and the conclusion of sanity disparities.

25. Use evaluation results to rule the gift of custody, deployment of media, and to supply input into the disclosement of policies to advance sanity and thwart distemper.” (pp. 20-21, 24-25 SEE ATTACHMENT) 


American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN]. (2008). The essentials of baccalaureate teaching for authoritative nursing exercise. Washington, DC: Author.