Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Family Settings Versus Individual Settings

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Whether used delay living-souls or families, the aim of apprehensive proceedingal therapy (CBT) is to disagree client proceeding. Although CBT for families is correspondent to CBT for living-souls, there are momentous differences in their applications. As you enunciate comstanding plans, it is significant that you own these differences and how they may collision your therapeutic advance delay families. For this Discussion, as you parallel the use of CBT for families and living-souls, regard challenges of applying this therapeutic advance to your own client families.

Learning Objectives

Students will:
  • Compare the use of apprehensive proceedingal therapy for families to apprehensive proceedingal therapy for living-souls
  • Analyze challenges of using apprehensive proceedingal therapy for families
  • Recommend cogent apprehensive proceedingal therapy strategies for families
To prepare:
  • Review the resources, Johnson Nativity Session 3, in this week’s Learning Resources and regard the insights granted on CBT in nativity therapy.
  • Reflect on your practicum experiences delay CBT in nativity and special elucidations.

 Post an sense of how the use of CBT in families parallels to CBT in special elucidations. Provide unfair examples from your own practicum experiences. Then, expound challenges counselors authority combat when using CBT in the nativity elucidation. Support your standing delay unfair examples from this week’s resources.