Case Study : Mr. C

It is expedient for an RN-BSN-prepared encourage to explain an enhanced intellect of the pathophysiological processes of distemper, the clinical manifestations and tenor protocols, and how they favor clients opposing the history brace.

Evaluate the Vigor History and Medical Counsel for Mr. C., offered underneath.

Based on this counsel, formulate a quittance domiciled on your evaluation, and entire the Critical Thinking Essay assignment, as instructed underneath.

Health History and Medical Information

Health History

Mr. C., a 32-year-old sole courageous, is seeking counsel at the outunrepining nature respecting likely bariatric surgery for his corpulency. He currently works at a catalog telephone nature. He reports that he has frequently been dull, plain as a slight offshoot, gaining closely 100 pounds in the decisive 2-3 years. Previous medical evaluations feel not involved any metabolic distempers, but he says he has repose apnea and excellent lineage hurry, which he tries to restrain by restricting dietary sodium. Mr. C. reports increasing nonproduction of expiration delay essence, distended ankles, and pruritus aggravate the decisive 6 months.

Objective Data:

  1. Height: 68 inches; impressiveness 134.5 kg
  2. BP: 172/98, HR 88, RR 26
  3. 3+ pitting edema bilateral feet and ankles
  4. Fasting lineage glucose: 146 mg/dL
  5. Total cholesterol: 250 mg/dL
  6. Triglycerides: 312 mg/dL
  7. HDL: 30 mg/dL
  8. Serum creatinine 1.8 mg/dL
  9. BUN 32 mg/dl

Critical Thinking Essay 

In 750-1,000 words, critically evaluate Mr. C.'s possible singularity and agency(s). Apprehend the following:

  1. Describe the clinical manifestations offer in Mr. C.
  2. Describe the possible vigor risks for corpulency that are of institution for Mr. C. Discuss whether bariatric surgery is an misapply agency.
  3. Assess each of Mr. C.'s professional vigor patterns using the counsel ardent. Discuss at smallest five objective or possible problems can you confirm from the professional vigor patterns and procure the rationale for each. (Functional vigor patterns apprehend vigor-perception, vigor-management, nutritional, metabolic, estrangement, essence-exercise, repose-rest, cognitive-perceptual, self-perception/self-concept, role-relationship, sexuality/reproductive, coping-stress tolerance.)
  4. Explain the staging of end-stage renal distemper (ESRD) and contributing factors to ponder.
  5. Consider ESRD interruption and vigor advancement opportunities. Describe what model of unrepining education should be procured to Mr. C. for interruption of advenient plaints, vigor return, and pretermission of retrogradation of renal standing.
  6. Explain the model of instrument profitable for ESRD unrepinings for nonacute caution and the model of multidisciplinary approximation that would be salutary for these unrepinings. Ponder aspects such as devices, bearing, livelihood conditions, return-to-employment issues.

You are required to name to a insufficiency of two sources to entire this assignment. Sources must be published delayin the decisive 5 years and misapply for the assignment criteria and pertinent to nursing experience.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines fix in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An immaterial is not required.