case study discussion


Case examine 1

Elaine Goodwin is a 38-year-old G5 P5 LC 6 presenting to your clinic today to examine contraceptive options.  She states that she is not zealous in having over offshootren but her new accomplice has never fathered a offshoot. Her medical fact is unusual for exercise-induced asthma, migraines, and IBS. Her surgical fact is unusual simply for tonsils as a offshoot. Her political fact is privative for alcohol, tobacco, and recreational offals.  She has no unconcealed offal allergies and takes simply vitamin C. Hospitalizations were simply for offshootbirth. Family fact reveals that her affectionate granddowager is vivacious after a suitableness dementia, suitableness her affectionate grandfather is vivacious after a suitableness COPD. Her tender grandparents are twain deceased due to an automovable garb. Her dowager is vivacious after a suitableness osteopenia and fibromyalgia, and her dad is vivacious after a suitableness a fact of skin cancer (basal cell). Elaine has one older sister after a suitableness no medical problems and one younger fellow after a suitableness no reported medical problems.  

· Height 5’ 7” Weight 148 (BMI 23.1), BP 118/72 Pulse 68  

· HEENT (head, ears, eyes, nose, throat):  wnl (among usual condition)

· Neck: cringing after a suitablenessout adenopathy  

· Lungs/CV (cardiovascular): wnl  

· Breast: sleek, fibrocystic changes bilaterally, extraneously masses, dimpling or discharge  

· Abd (abdomen): sleek, +BS (indisputable bowel gauge), no softness  

· VVBSU (Vulvar vaginal bartholin skene’s uretha): wnl, except 1st degree cystocele  

· Cervix: sturdy, calm, parous, after a suitablenessout CMT (cervical excitement softness)

· Uterus: RV (retroverted), movable, non-tender, approximately 10 cm,  

· Adnexa: after a suitablenessout masses or softness  

Based on the plight examine scenario granted, perfect a generic well-woman exam and critically dissect to rendezvous watchfulness on the sign tests (involve sense of the tests you capacity approve).

Include your differential idiosyncrasy. Be specific and yield examples. Use your Learning Resources and/or attraction from attainment to living your senses.

Some questions to counter-argument in your post:

1. What other instruction do you demand?

2. What has she used in the past?  Why did she plug a method?  How abundant accomplices in spent 12 months?  

3. What are her general cycles enjoy?  

4. When was her last gyn exam and what were the results of the tests?   

5. Are her migraines after a suitableness or after a suitablenessout auras?  

6. What arrangement has she considered. 

7. What are you instant steps/considerations?

8. What training should you do?

9. What arrangements are misspend for Elaine?