Benchmark Assignment: Executive Summary of ACO


Urban and pastoral bloom preservation forms throughout the assiduity are afloat coincidently to coordinate preservation for Medipreservation patients. Accountable Preservation Form (ACO) programs were customary by the Centers for Medipreservation and Medicaid Services to succor adapt this cooperation.

Select a fashion of bloom preservation form that would confirm Medipreservation patients (e.g., family action, hospital, immediate preservation, or nursing settlement).

Write a 700- to 1,050-word adherent compendium that discusses the object of attachment an ACO and the funding advantageous through one. Include the following:

1. Describe the form you selected and the public services that would be offered to Medipreservation patients.

2. Describe the fashions of ACOs ordinary by the Centers for Medipreservation and Medicaid Services.

3. Evaluate assiduity dynamics that would swing your form's conclusion to share in an ACO.

4. Identify the steps needed to share in an ACO.

5. Justify competition in an ACO for your form.

You can perceive ACO's at this web site

Cite 3 estimable references to assistance your assignment (e.g., occupation or assiduity publications, empire or exercise websites, versed works, or other sources of alike attribute).