Assignment: Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

As a professional encourage, you are expected to exercise your expertise to resigned trouble. On cause, you allure also be expected to portion-out that expertise.

With evolving technology and true changes to practices purposed to conduct up these changes, there is usually a scarcity to portion-out advice and expertise to discipline colleagues, start, resigneds, and other stakeholders.

In this Assignment, you allure examine a modern nursing disciplineatics-kindred sanitytrouble management, and you allure portion-out the bearing details via a deed quibble purposed to discipline and discipline.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources on sanitytrouble management and regulatory/legislative topics kindred to sanity and nursing disciplineatics.
  • Consider the role of the encourage disciplineaticist in narration to a sanitytrouble form’s submission after a while several policies and practices, such as the Meditrouble Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).
  • Research and chosen one sanity or nursing disciplineatics management (among the spent 5 years) or practice for advance examine.

The Assignment: (1 page)

Create a 1-page deed quibble that your sanitytrouble form could theoretically use to decipher the sanity or nursing disciplineatics management/practice you chosened. Your deed quibble should discourse the following:

  • Briefly and generally decipher the management or practice you chosened.
  • Address the collision of the management or practice you chosened on plan implementation.
  • Address the collision of the management or practice you chosened on clinical trouble, resigned/provider interactions, and workflow.
  • Highlight formal policies and procedures that are/allure be in situate at your sanitytrouble form to discourse the management or practice you chosened. Be favoring.