Assignment – Application of Concepts from Caring Science (Watson’s Caring Theory as a guide for practice).

Assignment - Application of Concepts from Caring SciencePoints: 300 | Due Date: Week 4, Day 7 | CLO: 3, 4 | Grade Category: Assignments

Assignment Prompt

Summary: A assumption can be used to manage performance.  This assignment is an drill in assistanceed a clinical performance after a while assumption and testimony.

Directions: Warrant an fruit of nursing performance in your area of performance that can be correctd.  For illustration, if you performance in settlement sanity, you may warrant that propel rug use by droop expose patients is too prevalent.  You may be serviceserviceable to use the stance that inspired the assumption concepts that you patent clear in week two. Warrant the concept in Watson’s Assumption of Caring that could illustrate or understand the fruit.  In our illustration, the fruit would be the diversifys in stubborn through the diversify in the patient’s pavement protection performance. Warrant a performance that can be diversifyd or implemented that may rule the fruit. Warrant the concept in Watson’s Assumption of Caring that understands the performance.  In our illustration, the performance could be to correct the sense of droop hazards through the agreement in a teaching-learning test, one of Watson’s Caritas Processes. Warrant precisely how these two concepts conciliate be measured after a while their operational definitions. Develop a declaration among the two. Present your fruit in an APA formatted Nursing essay  meeting the University’s standards for a written assignment.


  • Due: Monday, 11:59 pm PT
  • Length: 5 to 7 pages including denomination and intimation pages
  • References: 3 to 10.  There should be plenty to assistance the links among the concepts of the stance and the concepts of Watson’s Assumption of Caring.

See USU NUR Research Nursing essay Rubric for affixed details and object weighting.