For this assignment, you achieve scarcity to reflect on your values, beliefs, opinions and learnings environing invisible sanity and ailment. Begin from the situation of recognising your understandings environing invisible sanity and ailment anterior to inception this part and then deliberation on which views, beliefs and opinions keep progressive (or not) aggravate the spent five weeks. This requires a smooth of self-awareness and is planned to advance acception your self-awareness. Describe what you keep literary environing yourself, others, and intercourse generally.


While this assignment is environing YOU and your experiences/beliefs/values/opinions, you calm?} scarcity to point to the attainment to stay some of your ideas. This demonstrates that you keep deliberation further deeply and critically environing this reflecting. 


Systematic Reflecting Must Includes these compressiveness as they are from our lectures...AND ALSO MUST READ ALL THE GIVEN LECTURES WEEK 1 ,WEEK 2 , WEEK 3  ATTACHMENTS BELOW TO WRITE SYSTEMATIC REFLECTION ....


  • invisible sanity
  • invisible ailment
  • stigma
  • recovery
  • therapeutic use of self
  • The Safewards Model
  • biopsychosocial assessment
  • carrying out a invisible recite testimony (MSE)
  • assessment of lavish for assault, suicide, absconding and exposure to victimisation
  • clinical formulation
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  • recognising symptoms of anxiety
  • developing a clinical formulation for a special after a while anxiety
  • applying Maslow's Hierarchy of scarcitys to anterioritise foresight scarcitys
  • mindfulness as a temporization for invisible sanity foresight.