Assignment 1: Practicum – Assessing Client Progress


Part 1: Proceeding Note

Using the client from your Week 3 Assignment, address the forthcoming in a proceeding silence (extraneously violating HIPAA regulations):

  • Treatment modality used and productiveness of approach
  • Progress and/or stagnation of proceeding inland the mutually agreed-upon client goals (relation the Matter scheme—proceeding inland goals)
  • Modification(s) of the matter scheme that were made naturalized on proceeding/stagnation of proceeding
  • Clinical impressions respecting speciality and/or symptoms
  • Relevant psychosocial notice or diversifys from peculiar rate (i.e., matrimony, separation/divorce, new relationships, actuate to a new house/apartment, diversify of job, etc.)
  • Safety issues
  • Clinical emergencies/actions taken
  • Medications used by the unrepining (smooth if the comfort psychotherapist was not the one prescribing them)
  • Treatment compliance/stagnation of compliance
  • Clinical consultations
  • Collaboration after a while other professionals (i.e., phone consultations after a while physicians, psychiatrists, matrimony/family therapists, etc.)
  • Therapist’s recommendations, including whether the client agreed to the recommendations
  • Referrals made/reasons for making referrals
  • Termination/issues that are pertinent to the consequence order (i.e., client assured of privation of protection or withholding of protection audience to pay for continued sessions)
  • Issues allied to agree and/or assured agree for matter
  • Information about offshoot affront, and/or senior or contingent adult affront, including instrumentation as to where the affront was reported
  • Information cogitation the therapist’s application of clinical judgment
Note: Be secure to reject any notice that should not be root in a discoverable proceeding silence.

Part 2: Absolved Note

Based on this week’s readings, arrange a absolved psychotherapy silence that you would use to instrument your impressions of hygienic proceeding/therapy sessions for your client from the Week 3 Practicum Assignment.

  • The absolved silence should enclose items that you would not typically enclose in a silence as part of the clinical chronicles.
  • Explain why the items you enclosed in the absolved silence would not be enclosed in the client’s proceeding silence.
  • Explain whether your tutor uses absolved silences, and if so, represent the archearchetype of notice he or she sway enclose. If not, clear-up why.