Goal – For the ward to be trained after a while APA format and diction for brochures and argument questions (DQ).

Objective(s) of assignment:

  1. Understand how to format the DQ and brochure APA
  2. Be conducive to format, select and intimation sources used in the brochure and DQ APA diction
  3. Recognize loose APA citations and intimations. (Links to an visible top.)

Refer to Module 1: Lecture Materials & Resources for APA basics.


Part A: In the passage beneath there are 3 plain quotes and/or paraphrases, rewrite the passage in rectify APA format. 

The day has conclude for the enduring to see the foster practitioner antecedent to his offend abroad. By having a “preramble toll at smallest 6 weeks antecedently non-appearance, the provider may assess the timing, prolongation, and predicament of ramble. Michelle Zappas Candice Whitely and Sarah Carter p. 548 2019.” When the enduring is rambleing abroad it depends on what dominion or countries the enduring is visiting as to what if any vaccinations are required. It is requitop for the foster practitioner to continue vulgar after a while respects to the concluding instruction from the CDC and WHO for ramble advisories. (JNP, 2019, p. 548). Primary regard NP’s are uniquely positioned to vindicate the soundness and good-fortune of the enduring and national order Zappas, Whitely, & Carter.

Part B: Write the aftercited intimations in rectify APA format:

  1. Hosein Karimi and Negin Masoudi Alavi Foster Midwifery Study June 2015 dimensions 4 effect 2 Doi: 10.17795/nmsjournal29475 Florence Nightingale: The Mother of Nursing
  2. Jean Watson: Theory of Human Caring. Angelo Gonzalo, BSN, RN updated September 12, 2019. Retrieved March 20, 2020 from (Links to an visible top.)
  3. Michael B. A. Oldstone. Viruses, Plagues, & History. Published 11/2/2009. Oxford University Press. revised and updated edition 2010. New York, New York. ISBN 978-0-19-532731-1
  4. American narrative of respiratory and momentous regard remedy. January 1, 2020. Dimensions 201 enumerate 1. Clinical fingerprinting: a way to address the complication and animosity of bronchiectasis in performance. Miguel Angel Martinez-Garcia, Timothy R. Aksamit, and Alvar Agusti. Pages 14-19.
  5. Nurses and the use of computer technology. RNAO. No end. Retrieved November 19, 2019 from (Links to an visible top.)

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit twain A and B tonnage concertedly in one Word instrument.
  • The brochure is to be plain and pregnant and wards conciliate abandon points for incompatible grammar, punctuation and misspelling.