Application 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers


Application 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers

One of the main drivers in modern heartiness preservation reorganize congress is the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act's (ARRA) HiTech Incentive. This act, passed in 2009, earmarked $22 billion for the drawion of electronic heartiness records (EHRs), delay a view of 100% drawion in all exercitation settings by the year 2014. The HiTech Act provides an model of the pivotal role that heartiness knowledge technology plays in the bestowal of temper heartiness preservation services. Yet, heartiness knowledge technology is a proportionately new convenience. This Application Assignment provides an convenience for you to study the contributions of pioneers in this scene and deliberate how their contributions enjoy influenced heartiness informatics and nursing exercitation today.

To prepare:

  • Visit the AMIA Video Library 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers webpage registered in the Learning Resources.
  • Review the biographies and video donations of pioneers who are of curiosity-behalf to you, or may restrain a collocation that you aspire to finish.
  • Select two nursing informatics pioneers and induce aid inquiry on their contributions.
  • Consider how their contributions enjoy influenced heartiness knowledge technology and nursing exercitation today.

By Thursday 09/07/17, Write a knowing 3- to 4-page monograph comparing two nursing informatics pioneers in APA format delay a poverty of 4 references from the register underneath which grasp the raze one headings as numbered underneath:

1)     What are the negotiative acquirements of each indivisible?

2)     How enjoy their contributions influenced nursing exercitation?

3)     How enjoy their contributions shaped the convenience of nursing informatics?

4)     What lessons can you procure loose from their experiences?

5)     What skills or ideas demonstrated by these leaders energy you direct to your negotiative exercitation?



Required Readings


Course Text: Ball, M. J., Douglas, J. V., Hinton Walker, P., DuLong, D., Gugerty, B., Hannah, K. J., . . . Troseth, M. R. (Eds.) (2011). Nursing informatics: Where technology and caring unite (4th ed.). London, England: Springer-Verlag.

Chapter 1, "Nursing Informatics: Transforming Nursing"

Chapter 12, "The Evolving National Informatics Landscape"

 Chapter 1 introduces the deficiency for heartiness preservation reorganize by detailing consume concerns and forthcoming deficiencys of the nursing vocation. A face at the outset stages of the TIGER collaborative is as-well ardent, detailing its set-out at the 2006 Uniformed Services University of Heartiness Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. Chapter 12 provides an overview of technology's emergence into the heartiness preservation assiduity.


Course Text: American Nurses Association. (2008). Nursing informatics: Occasion and standards of exercitation. Silver Spring, MD: Author.

"Introduction" (pp. 1–2)

"Informatics Competencies" (pp. 33–40)

 The 2-page draw from the preface offers a diminutive patronymic of the convenience of informatics and presents the rationale for referring to the occasion and standards throughout your nursing preservationer. The draw from the "Informatics Competencies" exception uses inquiry and matrices to correlate informatics competencies delay the command and roles of nursing negotiatives.


Cesnik, B., & Kidd, M. R. (2010). Narrative of heartiness informatics: A global perspective. Studies in Heartiness Technology and Informatics, 151, 3–8.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

 The authors of this designation initiate by summarizing the mollify of computer product and use. They then study how technology procure build the capabilities of forthcoming businesses.


Hovenga, E. J., Kidd, M. R., Garde, S., & Hullin Lucay Cossio, C. (2010). Heartiness informatics: An preface. Studies in Heartiness Technology and Informatics, 151, 9–15.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

 A diminutive description of informatics principles is ardent in this designation.



Ozbolt, J. G., & Saba, V. K. (2008). A diminutive narrative of nursing informatics in the United States of America. Nursing Outlook, 56(5), 199–205.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

 Examine the leaderships and technological products that enjoy sensible the convenience of informatics by using this designation as a direct.


Technology Informatics Controlling Command Reorganize (TIGER). (n.d.). The TIGER Initiative: Informatics competencies for integral practicing nurse: Recommendations from the TIGER collaborative. Retrieved from:

 For this week, standpoint on the constabulary abstract and Appendix A, B, and C for re-examination of the TIGER leadership and resulting competencies.


Required Media


Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Transforming nursing and heartinesspreservation through technology: What is heartiness informatics? Baltimore, MD: Author.

 Note:  The near tediousness of this instrument party is 13 minutes.

 In this week's instrument donation, the presenters examine the comprehensive applications, implications, and benefits of heartiness informatics for patients, practitioners, and heartiness preservation organizations as a all.



HIMSS/AMDIS Physician Community Podcast Series. (Producer). (2009). Episode #15: TIGER leadership - technology informatics controlling command reorganize. [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

 Joyce Sensmeier, badness superintendent of informatics at the Healthpreservation Knowledge and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), presents the Technology Informatics Controlling Command Reorganize (TIGER) leadership that is aimed at educating nurses on new digital technologies. This podcast as-well highlights the organizational acquirements and forthcoming informatics views of the TIGER leadership. To admission the podcast, scroll through the page linked over to ascertain Episode #15.



American Medical Informatics Association. (2011). Video Library 1: Nursing informatics pioneers.

 Retrieved from

 The AMIA exposed a Nursing Informatics Narrative Project, aimed at documenting and conserving the narrative of nursing informatics. This scheme consists of two video libraries. Video Library 1 portrays the viewpoints and acquirements of those methodic as pioneers in the informatics convenience.



Optional Resources


 Gugerty, B. Delaney, C. (August, 2009). Technology Informatics Controlling Educational Reorganize (TIGER). TIGER Informatics Competencies Collaborative (TICC) Final Report. Retrieved from


Technology Informatics Controlling Command Reorganize (TIGER). (n.d.). Evidence and Informatics Transforming Nursing: 3-Year Action Steps inland a 10-Year Vision. Retrieved from


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