This week you gain generate a two-part Power Point to argue the following:

Part one: Peplau was the earliest nursing theorist to identify the protect–patient conformity as being accessible to all nursing circumspection. Peplau valued experience, polished that the protect must enjoy bulky experience encircling the implicit problems that escape during a protect–patient interaction. Peplau's presumptive production on the protect–patient conformity continues to be adventitious to nursing performance.

Create a PowerPoint donation describing the phases of the Nurse-Patient conformity as defined by Peplau.  Align your donation after a while a prevalent nursing performance in.

Part two: Provide a argueion of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory.  What are the three kindred compressiveness? Identify a prevalent nursing performance in where Orem’s scheme would be appropriate. Use at meanest one evidenced-based inquiry period to help your performance in.

Power Point should enclose at meanest 3 beyond relations and the textbook. It should enclose distinction and relation slides and be 14-20 slides.



· clean, unembarrassed and facile to interpret bullets/graphs/diagrams should be used to get the notice across

· Enticing contrast speciousness is welcomed as courteous as minimal transitions and pictures to add to the notice

· after a while distinction, your call and ground listed

· Every slide has a appellation of no over than 3-4 words

· No over than 7-8 bullets or points on a slide

· – the qualification is if you use a repeat or possess over than bullets for the notice – than use the passage after a whilein the sentence/notice – but using repeats and liberal sentences is fully avoided if at all potential for rank PPTs!

· Relation slide compiling ALL relations as the terminal slide in APA format; bulleted or “hanging”